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cruise withdrawal

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by cruisechick7, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    hello all! i just joined this site because i'm going through some serious cruise withdrawal. :( i just got back from a baltic cruise on the star princess on 7/24 and i still can't shake it off. this had only been my 2nd cruise. the 1st one i took was in the mediterranean on the now defunct crown odyssey (orient lines) in 2002. i've been doing land tours (europe and africa) in between and i tell ya, i much prefer cruising. it is so much more fun and convenient. i usually get over my vacation euphoria in about two weeks but i can feel this one lasting longer. reading the forum makes me feel so much better because i'm not alone on this. anyway, what do you usually do to get over the cruise blues? thx. all and i look forward to reading and participating in the discussions.
  2. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Hello and =welcome

    What do I do to get over the PCD (Post Cruise Depression)? I start researching my next cruise!!!! :grin
  3. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    I cannot tell you how much I feel your pain! =sad my husband and I have been on 2 cruises and I just can't shake them either when we get home. It's all I can do to think of something else. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that we have decided to do a major cruise every other year. We book it about a year in advance so we know it's there and then have something to look forward too. :grin I also am constantly on the cruise addicts board and appreciate all of the comments and advise from all of the seasoned crusiers. =sailor I can't tell you how much I've learned from this board. I'm glad to hear someone else goes through the same withdrawls as I do. =twobeer We just got back from the Navigator in April and are booking the Freedom next month for Feb of 2007.
  4. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    so my "thing" has a name huh - pcd (post cruise depression)? that's hilarious! guess i'm not the 1st one to be diagnosed with that illness. lol!

    that's exactly what i'm doing now. the baltic cruise i just took was pretty pricey and i usually just take 1 long vacation a year. however, as soon as i got back almost three weeks ago, i immediately started looking into another cruise this coming nov or dec and i can afford it too. never been to the caribbean and it's sooooooo much cheaper. i don't mind an inside room cuz i'm barely there anyway so it'll only come up to about $700 with air for a 7-day cruise! fabulous! now, i just have to find someone to go with me. :)

    "the cruise" is all i can think about all day and all night long since i got back. like i said above, my family and i only go to one long vacation a year (mostly in europe) but i can't wait another year this time. trying to find an affordable caribbean cruise to go to by end of year before the next big vaca. next year. the forums and chats on this site is helping me cope tremendously. everyone's been nice and sympathetic so far.

    thanks all for your feedback.
  5. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    Cruisechick7...are you from Europe? I ask because of your previous cruise destinations. My husband and I are from Washington state. I know we could book a cruise to Alaska (which we do plan to do sometime in the semi-near future) or we could fly down to LA or San Diego for a Mexican Riviara but we are really in to the Caribbean scene, "the Islands", they are so peaceful and beautiful. Therefore it's a long flight and a full day of travel the day before the ship leaves to assure we are in Southern Florida in plenty of time. This is one of the reasons we have to save some cash and book every other year. We are totally addicted to balcony cabins so it cost us a little bit more plus we have to have plenty to spend on board and in ports. I just wondered if you are European, if so you certainly know the drill when it comes to traveling long distances and added cost. I'm sure our long day would be nothing compared to yours. It's very nice to see you on the board =funsign.
  6. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Oh yes...it has a name, and most of the folks on this board are infected with it!! :grin

    You'll love the Caribbean!!! Wuollebear is right, the islands are very peaceful. They're laid back and just so much fun!!! Are you planning on visiting the Eastern or Western side??
  7. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    Wuollebear Wrote:
    > Cruisechick7...are you from Europe?

    no i'm not european although i adore europe with a passion. been going there every year since 2002. so yes, it's a lot more pricey for me to go to a european vs. a caribbean cruise. the mediterranean cruise in '02 was a bargain and it included air and a 3-day pre-cruise stay in rome. we went to taormina, sicily, amalfi/capri, the greek islands mykonos, delos and santorini (+ athens tour) and malta. our dollar was one to one against the euro then. however, the baltic cruise we just had was REALLY expensive. the excursions cost almost as much as the cruise itself. it was worth it though. the ports were copenhagen, denmark; stockholm, sweden; helsinki, finland; st. petersburg, russia; tallinn, estonia; gdansk/gdynia, poland and oslo, norway. it's so expensive there and our dollar is only worth like 70 cents or less againts the euro. oslo specially. a can of coke costs $8 and a sweatshirt costs $100! this is why i can only afford one long vacation a year. however, i think i can squeeze in a week caribbean cruise in dec. it'll be my 1st.

    btw, i live in connecticut, about 40 minutes outside nyc. it's about 6-7 hour flight from ny to europe (usually to heathrow) so i feel your pain about long flights.

    it's nice to hear from you again and i predict that i'll be with cruise-addicts for a long time to come. :)
  8. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    lizardstew Wrote:
    > Oh yes...it has a name, and most of the folks on
    > this board are infected with it!!

    i'm beginning to see that. :0) my kind of people! ha! ha! anyway, i'm planning to go to a western caribbean cruise because i'd like to go on the same ship, the star princess. i don't think they go to the eastern side. i met and became friends with a few of the crew members there and i'd love to see them again. i keep in touch with some of them via email while they're sailing away in baltic paradise somewhere while i'm working in good 'ole new england. :( like u said, there's always the next cruise to look forward too. :)
  9. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Sounds like you have a plan!!! One of my favorite parts of cruising is getting to know the crew and other passengers. These people just fascinate me! I love to know their "stories" and truly enjoy meeting them!! How nice you're planning to go and see some of your friends!!!! :)
  10. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    lizardstew Wrote:
    >One of my favorite parts of cruising is getting to know the crew and
    > other passengers. >

    ditto. i'm a social butterfly and i love meeting new people. the crew on my last cruise were so friendly, genuine and helpful that i couldn't help but get attached to some of them. i can't wait to see them again. they're like family. :)
  11. KellyAnne

    KellyAnne Guest

    Oh yeah. Nothing like "cruise withdrawal" :( I've totally fallen in love with ghost bookings, that way at least I know I have something wonderful to look forward to. I've been cruising once a year for the last four years, but this year---two!!!! :glow.

  12. TeePee

    TeePee Guest

    Tell me about it. I can tell you that most crew and staff feel it and we felt it hard. Imagine living on a cruise ship for 6-9 months, then going home. All of my coworkers and friends from Princess were majorly depressed and even though the lifestyle burns you out it's better to burn out than to fade away.

    Nothing like disembarking after 6 months and feeling very, very bored, lonely, depressed....especially when you wake up in the morning and look out the window and nothing is moving. What I missed most was the crew bar and the beaches. Definately not the formal nights or the food though!!! :)
  13. shonandsuzie

    shonandsuzie Guest

    Wow Tee-Pee. So you actually work on a cruise ship. What do you do the other months of the year? I love cruising but do you ever get bored with it? I'm in cruise anticipation right now instead of withdrawl! That is a much better ailment :)
  14. TeePee

    TeePee Guest

    Working on ships was something I did when I was in my mid-late 20's...now I'm 32 and too old in my opinion for doing what I did. I fell in love with ship life immediately as the crew was 80% men and 20% women. Says enough....(I was part of the 20%) The work kept us busy, the ports were cool, working with people from all around the world was the best learning experience that no college or university could have provided me and the best thing about this lifestyle is that you are always on the go.

    We did all drink waaaaay too much while on ships and that took a toll on us, along with an average of 4-5 hours/night to sleep. Most crew are still drunk or hung over every morning. This fact alone should prompt you to always be safe on board as a pax (passenger) and pay attention to the Coast Guard drill at the beginning of each cruise. Crew disco nights are the craziest and best parties and usually happen mid-cruise. Passengers don't usually know about this. Crew bars open at 11am and close usually around 3ish.

    Mid-way into any contract you start to miss home and yet when you get home it's not enough...you want to get back on ships! Being a passenger for the first time in spring was trippy as I knew exactly what was going on behind the scenes and the passengers were all so oblivious.

    I remember the worst thing about working on the cruise ship was the passengers. I'll never forget how miserable some of them can be...we felt like screaming, "hello! you are on VACATION! Enjoy yourselves!!!". All some people like to do is complain, complain, complain. They do, however, make the pleasant passengers seem like they were heaven sent! t:)
  15. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    KellyAnne Wrote:

    > I've totally fallen in love with ghost bookings,

    sorry if i sound stupid but what is ghost booking? i'm a newbie on this site and there's lots of lingos that i've never heard of including this one.
  16. cruisechick7

    cruisechick7 Guest

    tell us more! i'm absolutely fascinated by cruise crew's stories. i'm a filipino and the two cruises i've been to had mostly filipino crew which is a plus cuz i get to talk to them in my language and they hook us up. :) but i don't discriminate - i got along with everybody. like you, i LOVE the bars and clubs. i practically lived in them and had like 2-3 hours sleeps daily if that. in my last cruise, i was on a first name basis with the crew bar (in all lounges, bars and club) and cruise director staff cuz i hung out with them almost every day. i got so attached to a few of them and i'm actually planning a 2nd cruise by end of year on the same ship just so i can see them again. is that nuts or what?

    it's only been 3 weeks since my last cruise and i was such in a withdrawal that i actually thought of working on a ship. of course it's crazy and it's never gonna happen. i was trying to figure out how to cruise for months at a time. lol. your story echoes the life stories of the crew who'd opened up to me. most say that they don't get paid much but working with folks from all over the world is the best learning experience that's priceless. plus, traveling all over the world ain't such a bad perk. it's real obvious that most of them party and they act all professional in front of passengers but i know what's up. i've seen a few looking really sleepy and hungover in the morning and i just smile. i don't blame them. the cruise director's staff tend to be young and hot and the stories they tell me make me blush and i'm no prude. i can't even imagine the kind of "naughty" things they do behind close doors. i kinda got hints on the type of crew parties they have on the ship or in port/s. i'd been asked to "party" with them a few times but i politely declined. i didn't wanna get anyone in trouble.

    anyway, please share your stories with us. it's absolutely fascinating!
  17. TeePee

    TeePee Guest

    There are too many stories to tell, really. And most stories are meant not to be retold, especially to the general public or passengers!!!!

    You did the right thing declining on crew parties behind the scenes. I've had friends kicked off the ship for bringing passengers to the crew areas. That's not fun at all. In fact, there were tons of rules that could get you kicked off the ship, and when they do kick you off you don't get much notice, maybe a few minutes if you are lucky to pack 6-9 months worth of stuff.

    When I was on the Star in spring I was also invited to the crew bar and even given directions as to where to go. I didn't feel right "contaminating" their area. The waiters used to take showers ASAP after serving dinner because they felt "contaminated" by the passengers. Halarious! All I can say is that many passengers are a challenge to please and by the end of your day the LAST thing you want to deal with is a passenger in your section of the ship. It's disrespectful to the other crew who work hard. There was always a woman down there with a waiter or in an officer's cabin (usually deck 12 area for officers).

    One of my favourite memories was walking through the crew bar and hearing all the cultures sing their songs loudly...the Polish, the Italians, the Hungarians, the Portuguese...men singing loud and proud and trying to capture the spirit of their homelands mixed with the spirits they were drinking....and on special occasions they would have the galley staff make them special authentic dishes from their countries...I especially remember the goulash for the Hungarians. Mmmmmmmm! For crew and staff the food gets old soon so having something special like that raises the spirits! t:)
  18. KellyAnne

    KellyAnne Guest

    Hey cruisechick7,

    A ghost booking is when you put a deposit on a future cruise, but haven't actually decided on which cruise yet. Princess allows, ( while on ship), you to deposit $100 for a cruise. You can either book the cruise directly at that time, or take up to four years to book. The $100 fee is so much less than a regular deposit, and you can even use your own travel agent. It's a great deal. Makes me feel a little better about my vacation ending. (If that's possible :) ).

  19. 2ladies

    2ladies Guest

    I live in Ft. Lauderdale in the winter and sit on my balcony every Saturday and Sunday watching the cruise ships sail off into the sunset!!!

    Withdrawal? Envy? Jealousy? We cruise three times a year, including going back to England on one of the transatlantic repositioning cruises. That's definitely NOT often enough!!!

    Oh the suffering, watching you all cruise away - withdrawal doesn't even begin to describe the feeling!!
  20. shonandsuzie

    shonandsuzie Guest

    Talk about jealousy! You get to cruise 3 times per year! That is a dream. I feel so abused.

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