Cruising with a young one



My wife and I have spent a lot of time reading the posts on this board and we wanted to say "thanks" to everyone! The conversations on this board have given me a great amount of information and tips for our next cruise.

After 2 back-to-back cruises last year on RCCL (Grandeur, 11 nights and Explorer 7 nights), we can't wait to book our next on RCCL again. We are thinking of a cruise early next year on Brilliance, 10 or 11 nights Caribbean. But since our last cruise we have had an addition to our new family - a baby boy!

I wanted your thoughts on cruising with a young toddler? By the time we cruise, he will be 13 months old. We only considered it because a) at the moment he is well behaved and b) on our last cruise we met a couple with a 9 month old. We are the type of people that consider how children behave in an adult environment to be very important and intend to be considerate towards other passengers.

We already realize that our experience will be very different compared to our last cruise as things like how long we spend in ports and where we dine will need to be flexible.

I wondered if any of you have tried this?

I know that kids 3yrs+ can join the Adventure program. But we would love to cruise before he is 3!! :)

Thanks in advance for your help.



We cruised when our daughter was 10 months old. My sister and mother came too, so they helped watch her a few nights so we could go to shows. Overall, we had no problem whatsoever bringing her; however, we also didn't think we got the full affect of the cruise since you can't just lay around and close your eyes by the pool or things like that.

Also, I know that RCCL charges the third person room rate no matter if your 3rd passenger is an adult who will eat at every meal or an infant....doesn't seem quite right, although I know that you still have to pay port taxes for each BODY on the ship.

Overall, RCCL was EXTREMELY accomodating and we had a good time; however, I don't think we got our full money's worth out of the cruise. Since then, we went on Explorer last year and had a great time...we missed her, but I think the week away was good in many ways...gave my wife a break and gave grandma more time with our daughter.

Happy cruisin'!



Great to hear that at least someone has attempted it!! Did your daughter dine in the main dinning room? Did RCCL provide a high chair?

We were thinking of inviting my mother-in-law along to help out.

Thanks again!


Hi William,

I am cruising on the Rhapsody of the Seas on Sept. 7th with my daughter. This will be 1 week before she becomes 12 months old. This is actually her second time on the ship, her first time, she was in the womb! RCI only charged me port charges and taxes + $60 for infants, not the 3rd person rate as indicated in another message. This came to a total of $200.00 for this cruise. They are providing a crib in the room and a high chair at the dining room table. She is sitting with us in the main dining room. We have the main seating, of course. At 9.5 months old today, she eats a lot of the same foods we do, so she will enjoy a lot of the cruise cuisine, although, her main nutritional source is still breast milk.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming on this cruise with us and are always glad to spend some time with the granddaughter. I have been on many cruises and am not expecting this one to be like the others. In fact, I plan to be more relaxed and take the time to relax and have family time. We have a balcony cabin and can relax on the balcony if the deck becomes too much trouble or if it's nap-time. I have been to all the ports and don't need to do all the exotic excursions (just one!). I am really looking forward to just spending time relaxing with everyone and exposing my daughter to the new experiences. We may miss some shows, maybe not, we'll play it by ear.

Here are some tips:

--Book early enough to ensure that you get early dining
--Request a crib and high chair
--Make sure the cabin can accomodate a crib
--Get a balcony cabin
--Bring an extension cord with extra outlets
--Bring your baby monitor so you can sit outside and hear the baby inside
--Bring a stroller, lots of diapers and wipes
--Bring bottled water and sippy cups.



Big thanks cruise_fly!

I will call my TA in the morning and get him to call RCI. His first quote included the full price 3rd pas price.

Many thanks!