Cruising with hospice on Maasdam 12-14-03



If I might say.........this was my second cruise. The first was on the Zuiderdam. The experience on the Massdam was terrible. The ship had an oder that words can`t explain. The majority of the passengers inconsiderate. We had a terrible time. I was told that Maasdam`s new port was going to be Noffolk Va. She would sail for 11 days in Alaska. I can`t imagine any one being on that ship for the length of time in her condition. But........I also feel that dry dock forever would be a good place.

Getting back to the passengers..........we had to clear customs in PR before we could leave the ship. It took 3hours.........some people took their sweet time getting to imigration. As if they were the only passengers. While the rest of us had tours planned and were ready to explore. I felt like cattle waiting in lines upon lines. No matter what you were doing waiting to get something to eat, drink or look at pictures no matter what it could plan on it taking 20 minutes and out would be plowed over by people, wheelchairs and scooters. I guess to some others were invisible.

Ok now I should stop bashing Ms Massdam.....I was told the last day.........again as we waited and waited to go through imigration so that we could leave the ship and head for home. As some of us had flights and were worried that we would miss them. One of the passengers said ( a travel agent) the ship is 200 crew members shy. Well that explains the absence and quality of service.

Terri :(


WOW...we got off the Maasdam 12/7 with WONDERFUL memories. GREAT staff (even though the Hotel Manager was VERY rude & ignorant!) Great food, nice fellow passengers, clean ship, no odors & we had a wonderful time.
We had ignorant people that took their good old time for imigration also; but there are always a few of those.
I could would LOVE to spend 11 days (or more) on the Maasdam!
Sorry to hear you didn't have a nice


Difficult to blame the cruise line for the behavior of passengers. Sorry that you had such a bad time, but your description in no way resembles my own personal experience aboard this ship.