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Curious About Norway...

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by aanowako20, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

    I have booked a cruise on the Norway for August 24, 2003. This will be my third cruise; my first two were with Royal Carribean, and onboard sister ships(Monarch and Sovereign of The Seas). What differences can I expect to find between the ships? I have been reading reviews, and looking at pictures, and from what I can see, the Norway seems to be a fairly nice ship. Anyone with any information, please e-mail me. Also, andyone sailing on the 8/24/03 sailing, I would love to meet some other people sailing at the same time. My girl-friend and I will be going, and like I said, we would love to hear from some other people sailing. Thanks.

    ~Aaron Nowakowski
  2. PEB

    PEB Guest

    The Norway is a beautiful ship. You will not find a big fancy atrium on the Norway. Most public rooms may seem small compared to the ships you have been on. The elevators will be small and slow and most do not go to all floors. It will take you a little time to learn which elevators or stairways go to where you want to go. The cabins can be many sizes and shapes.

    There will be plenty to do on the Norway. The food and service are very good. You will tender at every port. The decor is very nice but not what you would call real modern. What I would suggest is go on the Norway with an open mind and do not try to compare it to the ships you have been on. They are different styles of ships with some similarities.

    I have been on the Norway and would not hesitate to cruise on her again. Have a great time on the Great Lady.
  3. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

    Thank you for the info... I have a couple of other questions also. What shore excursions are good ones to try? Is it best to do an excursion through the ship, or would I be better off going out on my own? With Royal Caribbean, we did the excursions offered by the ship, but most of the excurions through NCL seem to be different than what is offered by RCCL. Also, how do drink cards on The Norway work? I have heard you can purchase a fountain pop card just as you can on the RCCL ships for a flat rate and you get unlimited drinks, is this true? Are there alcohol drink cards available also, or do you have to purchase those by individual drink? On the RCCL ships, you can buy beer and wine cards, or beer cards, or lichor cards, etc... can you do that on the Norway? How does Le Bistro work? I have heard there is a $10 cover, and I have also heard there is a $25 cover. Anyone who could explain to me exactly how Le Bistro works, I would appreciate it. Again, all information is much appreciated, and anyone who will be sailing on August 24, feel free to send me an e-mail. Thanks.

    ~Aaron Nowakowski
    anowakowski18@hotmail.comPEB wrote:
  4. esd

    esd Guest

    I have not personally sailed on the Norway but I have talked to fellow cruisers who said that they really liked that ship.
    Also, another cruise web-site listed "6 most romantic cruises" and the Norway was there! 6th I think but she had some stiff competition ahead of her. I am always rechecking web sites, so if I come across it again, I will get back here and tell you where it was.
    I'm sure you'll have a great time. And it is a chance to see one of the great ships before her and her kind disappear from the scene forever.
  5. PEB

    PEB Guest

    The Le Bistro does have an extra charge. When I was on over New Years it was $15.00 and $20.00 if you ordered the Lobster. This was the only place to get Lobster. You had to make a reservation to eat in Le Bistro. When I was on the Norway they had not started the all you can drink soda thing yet it started shortly after I was onboard. I do not drink alcohol so I have no idea what they did there. I know a lot of people bought their beer by the bucket because it was suppose to be a better deal. I saw many people carrying their bucket, which was shaped like a football helmet, around with bottle beer and ice in it.

    If you purchase tours through NCL and they are early tours you have are more likely to get early tender tickets than if you booked your own tours and hope to get off the ship in time.
  6. esd

    esd Guest

    Found it ..it was an article by 'cruisediva' on their website. Not exactly as I remembered it (it was 5 of 5) but I was close.
    Anyway, you might like to read it.
  7. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Thanks, esd. Here's a direct link for others who would like to read it:

  8. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

    Again, thank you all for responding and helping me out. I would still love to hear from everyone to get their opinions on the Norway. I would love to hear more about shore excursions offered through NCL, which ones are good, which ones are bad, if I should use the NCL ones, or if I should book my own. The only problem with booking my own would be the time constraints, and not being guruteed an early tender off the ship. Anyone who has booked their own excursion on the island, please let me know how that went. And of course anyone sailing on August 24, 2003, I hope to hear form you. Thanks for all your help.
    ~Aaron Nowakowski
  9. hawkshead

    hawkshead Guest

    The Norway is a wonderful ship, it takes you back in time when ships sailed the Atlantic to Europe. As others have said it is not like the new "flashy" ships. I loved everthing about her, you could not ask for better food or service the BBQ's were great. Hope you like her as much as all of us that have sailed on her.
  10. MizSuzannah

    MizSuzannah Guest

    I love the Norway...she is my favorite ship and I tell everyone how much I love her....she truly is a class all her own....it's not fair to compare her to other, new ships because its just apples and oranges.....but my parents, who are die hard Princess/Royal Caribbean fans can't wait for their Norway cruise next year....
    I'll be sailing on the Norway AGAIN 4/27. (YIPPPEE!!!)

    Here are some really informative sites about the Norway:

    <http://www.ss-norway.com> (from the founders of the Save the Norway foundation...excellent site with insider tips on cruising this classic liner)

    <http://norway.ruderhaus.de/> (from a German cruise writer- EXCELLENT site; most of it is in German but he has a lot of pages re: the Norway in English)

    and my own little humble site which is also a tribute to the Norway:


    Re: shore excursions: the excursions offered are comparable in price and scope to every other ship on that itinerary...they have AN EXCELLENT diving program if you would like to learn how to scuba or snorkel.
    I do recommend ships tours for the Norway for one reason and one reason only: tendering priority.

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