Current cruise director



We just returned from the Southern on the Serenade. Kirk Detweiler was the CD, and although Richard is hard to beat, he's a close 2nd! Lots of energy and funny, not as visible as Richard though.


Clo is one of our favorites and I must say that Karen Maybury is much better than some people claim. She is very involved and passenger-friendly. If the Becky that some rave so much about was the Becky who was Clo's Asst. CD on the Brilliance 2002 transatlantic, place me in the other camp. She was more than a bit over the top and could get on your nerves on a cruise with a lot of sea days. Can't say she lacked enthusiasm and maybe she has tamped back her personality a bit. One of the other boards has a thread which shows where the various CDs are and it is updated pretty frequently. We have had a number of very good CDs on our many RCi cruises including many who have been mentioned on this thread. Each has his or her own style which may or may not be to your liking, but it is a challenging task to plan and oversee the activities and entertainment on a large cruise ship, and I respect them for the job that they do.


Yes, they finally got rid of Matt Baker. :)

Folks, I know a lot of you liked his stage presence and he was fine with a quick "pass by" but believe me, the guy was an utter jerk. I suffered with him on 8 cruises and got to know him too well. His main forte was to cut down prior Enchantment Cruise Directors and acts like Michael Rolloff, The Platters and The BeatleManiacs but he has other unprofessional habits that I hope they enjoy in Wales.

FYI, I did not cruise on The Enchantment for Baker but did for Captain Per, Ziggy the hotel director and Jennifer the C and A rep as well as the wonderful staff we grew to know and love. We did not let one bad apple ruin our runs on The Enchantment and never will.


Matt Baker left to pursue a career in the entertainment world on his own. We cruised with him last in the Spring on 2005 and those were his plans, and we've been on the Enchantment twice since then, and there was no sign of him. We wish him the very best as he was one of the best Cruise Directors we've ever had.