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Dawn - 5/16/04

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by acv17, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. acv17

    acv17 Guest


    I'm new here! I just booked to go on the Dawn on 5/16/04?!!! Anyone else travelling then. I went on my cruise last year with my family...now going on this on with 3 of my friends. We are all college aged...what do you think of this cruise for our age group!??? I hope we made the right decision! I had so much fun on my last cruise I bragged about it to everyone and said its the only way to travel. Its affordable and a true vacation...you all know what I mean. We are on the 4th floor...no window. We don't plan to be in the cabin much anyways! Anyone familar with rooms on this floor for 4 people??? How are the beds...bunk style???

    Well...anyone with any info regarding to any of the above...please post!

    Thanks! =)
  2. supernova

    supernova Guest

    I was just on the dawn, I saw the indoor staterooms,

    it can fit 3 guys, not 4 (unless they have extra stuff for a 4th person, I didnt see it, and I was in a few of these rooms.

    Two single beds, when pushed together convert into a queen, so i guess you guys will leave them single ;P

    and there is a third bunk bed on one of the walls, it folds out from a vertical to horizontal position, its not bad, my friend slept on one, its not the best bed in the world, but its not stiff as a rock, I assure you though, you will NOT be in the cabin often, the ship has tons to do, and you will be coming back at 2 am every moring sleeping, and going again.
  3. acv17

    acv17 Guest


    Thanks for the info. I am going to make a new post concerning the indoor rooms. I hope they can accomodate 4 people. The travel agaent wouldn't have put us there if it didn't! Thanks for your help! =)
  4. supernova

    supernova Guest

    no problem, and lol i just replied to your new post too :)
  5. szabo2

    szabo2 Guest

    I'm 21 and I am goin on the Dawn march 14th. I'll let u know how it is and what u can expect coming from a slightly younger perspective.
  6. acv17

    acv17 Guest

    That would be great!!!

    Thanks...please keep me posted!
  7. TonyL

    TonyL Guest

    Hey Ashley, I am also cruising on the Dawn on 5/16/04. After monitoring the message boards on www.cruisecritic.com and www.cruisemates.com and not seeing any roll calls, I was begining to think that there was going to be no one else on the ship, especially not someone near my age (23). In response to your question about the 4 people in the cabin, a level 4 inside cabin can accomidate 4 people according to NCL's website. There is one pulldown bunk and one pull out bed. The room will be tight, but as supernova said, you won't be spending much time in there, there is just too much to do. It may be difficult for 4 people to get ready in one of those rooms (especially the bathrooms) but it can be done. This will be my second time on this ship (6/2003) so feel free to ask me any questions you may have, by post or email (AGL25@drexel.edu). This will be a fun cruise. Definately needed after this long winter.
  8. supernova

    supernova Guest

    oh lol i just realized... im going on the same cruise as you may 16th 2004, my june 6th one fell through... so maybe ill see you on the ship
  9. acv17

    acv17 Guest

    Hi Tony L & Supernova....

    Glad to hear we'll be all travelling together...

    Keep in touch...maybe we'll meet up.

    PS: supernova....what age group are you travelling with?
  10. supernova

    supernova Guest

    Im 17 and im traveling with my little brother and mother, although I will ofcourse be on the opposite side of the ship from them at all times. :p
  11. supernova

    supernova Guest

    one week left... where is the big roll call for this ship!?!
  12. Mike74

    Mike74 Guest

    My girlfriend and I will be on this sailing, we were starting to wonder if there was anyone else on the boat at all. Looking forward to meeting new people and have a great vacation, it's been a long time coming. Anyone interested in getting together for a drink?
  13. acv17

    acv17 Guest

    Who had fun????????????????????

    I did! I met TonyL...and maybe bumped into the rest of you along the way. Anyone have pictures???? I'll be posting mine soon!

    can't wait for the next vacation...
  14. supernova

    supernova Guest

    Yeah it was great... lol I have pics too, posted them already, but cant really share them :p

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