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Dawn or Summit - First Cruise

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by AquaSea, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. AquaSea

    AquaSea Guest

    Hi - this website is so helpful!! My husband and I are wanting to do a 10-night Caribbean and are deciding on the Dawn Princess or Celebrity's Summit. Both itineraries look fairly close -so it is more the cabin, ambiance, service, etc. I will be around 5 months pregnant so comfort will be important. We are looking to book a balcony stateroom or mini-suite with balc if avail and in our price range. The Dawn fits into our schedule nicely, but the cabin looks smaller and more dated from the pics - is that true? We are in our mid 30's and looking to relax in the sun. Thanks for any input!
  2. Donnajo

    Donnajo Guest

    I have been on the Summit (also the Infinity) and I am booked on the Sun Princess (sister ship to Dawn). The Summit is incredible and since she's newer, the cabin will be prisitine. The food is definitely better on Celebrity and the atmosphere is more laid back than princess.
    If the prices are close, go with the Summit. The ship is so beautiful and the food is terrific!
    This does not mean that you won't have a good time on either ship, just that the Summit is a little nicer.
    Have a great time!


    Star Princess
    Grand Princess
    Sun princess 4/03
  3. MikeInPgh

    MikeInPgh Guest

    At 5 months along, pick the one with the bigger bathroom. The bathrooms on the Dawn Balcony and Mini-suites are not that big, unless you get a Mini with a tub in it.

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