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dawn shuttle to disney or car rental

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by linnie, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. linnie

    linnie Guest

    If anyone has been on the dawn out of ny, would you recommend renting a car or taking the shuttle to disney. how much time does ncl give you at disney if you take the shuttle. Also how long is the ride.
  2. shutterbug

    shutterbug Guest

    they do offer a shuttle from the pier to magic kingdom i am not to sure on the price but i know the ride is about 45 minutes, they also offer shore excursions for sea world and universal
  3. BigAl

    BigAl Guest

    I think I read that the cost is $28 per adult and $20 per child. Several of the major rental companies have shuttles to the pickup points and back if you rent a car. If you return the car late (after 5pm closing), you have to get a cab back. From what I have read, you are better calling directly to the local rental agency to book as opposed to using the central one. I believe the cost was about $40.


    I took the shuttle from the boat and it was 28 for an adult and it was very good.
  5. BigAl

    BigAl Guest

    maltesemom, could you tell me what was the latest time the shuttle returned from Disney to the ship? Thanks
  6. Linda1629

    Linda1629 Guest

    I'd love to know that too! Anyone have any info on the latest shuttle back to the ship???
  7. fuzzlekins

    fuzzlekins Guest

    How far is Universal from the Magic Kingdom? And also, is Islands of Adventure literally right next to Universal or is there a driving distance b/w them? I'm wondering now if we could just take the Magic Kingdom shuttle and purchase our own Universal tickets -- I believe it's cheaper that way unless we'd then have to take a cab on top of it.

  8. Linda1629

    Linda1629 Guest

    Universal and Islands of Adventure are in the same place. If you were driving you'd park in the same lot and then walk a short way to this mall-type area where they have stores and restaurants and from there you either go to Universal or Islands. It's not like Disney where each park has its own parking lot.

    Disney is a lttle ways from Universal and, I'm guessing, it would take maybe 15 to 20 minutes by a shuttle bus. I don't remember exactly how far the parks are from each other but it's gotta be about 7- 10 miles.
  9. BigAl

    BigAl Guest

    I'm not aware of any shuttle bus between Magic Kingdom and Universal, so you would probably have to wind up taking a cab anyway. Also, the shuttle from the ship may take you to the Magic Kingdom entrance as opposed to the Travel and Transportation Center where any buses or cabs would probably be. I think your best bet would be to take a cab to Universal. Just make sure to get the express passes. They are worth the extra money since lines do get long. Make sure to check about how to get a returning cab. I believe the Dawn is now leaving at 8 instead of 10.
  10. fuzzlekins

    fuzzlekins Guest

    Thanks for the info!!:)
  11. uplatdoc

    uplatdoc Guest

    i am taking the dawn sept 21st and it has a shore excusrion to magic kingdom,i would like to go to epcot,are they close enough? thanks
  12. BigAl

    BigAl Guest

    I forgot to mention in my answer on the other thread. Make sure to check departure time. It seems some cruises leave at 10 and others at 8. I'm on 9/28 and our itinerary says 8. If there are a group of you, you may want to look into private transportation. Check out the boards here and at cruisecritic for the name of one that seems to be good, Art's I think. :) Have a great time.

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