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Dawn.. which resturants are free?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by rhen33, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. rhen33

    rhen33 Well-Known Member

    We will be on the Dawn for Thanksgiving week a 9 day.
    Which resturants charge and which are free? How do I find out? The web site says nothing
    about it. Thanks
  2. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    Actually the website, as bad as it is, will give you an idea if you go to dining. They will list each eatery and if there is a cost, but I will see what I can do to help. It is one of the NCL ships I haven't sailed, but most have similar dining rooms; Here goes

    There will be 2 main dining, no charge
    The buffet: no charge
    The outside grill No charge
    Blue Lagoon diner (or I call it a diner) No charge
    The Mexican restaurant (if they have one) $10
    The Asian Restaurant $10
    The Habachi table $25
    The Steak house: $20 unless you choose the 24 oz steak or Lobster; then it is $10 more I believe
    Le Bistro: $15 again, they do have a couple of extra dishes that will be $5 to $10 more
    Oh, the Italian restaurant: $10.00

    I hope this gives you an idea anyway.

  3. pjPonzo

    pjPonzo Active Member

  4. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

  5. MrLee

    MrLee Active Member

    The main restaurants are the Ventian (aft) and Aqua (midship). There is in addition to the restaurants Nita mentioned There is a hot dog/hamburg station at Bimini and they do a nice sail away barbeque on the pool deck as well as an ice cream station at Topsider's. Of course there is also free room service (although a small tip is appreciated).

    I've sailed Dawn twice and I'm back on board November 1 all for 14 day repos so take good care of our ship. They have a terrific crew and staff and you'll have a great time

    Enjoy your cruise.

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