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@ddicts, Stand-up and Be Counted! Roll Call Time!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by nieciez, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. tispwisp

    tispwisp Guest

    Amy & Chris checking in from Angier, NC!!! We are true addicts for sure and if there's a cure for our addiction, please don't tell us... :)
  2. Hi...Ellie here from Niagara Falls, Ontario........ Been on this great site for a couple of years...

    Welcome Newbies......
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Lisa from Greenfield, Wisconsin here. Have been here since day one. Can't wait for my scheduled cruises and have 2006 to look forward to!
  4. lainie

    lainie Guest

    Lainie here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Have been posting here for the last 2 years and have found this to be a WONDERFUL place. Hubby John and I LOVE to cruise!
  5. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Karry from Ridgewood, NJ. I found this site a year ago. I don't know what I did without you all those years! We are big Yankee fans here. Next cruise on Island Princess t o Hawaii in March!!! And when we get home, our Yankees will be on the field after a heartbreaking loss to the SOX.
  6. Petert

    Petert Guest


    Peter from Orange CA checking in.

  7. MizSuzannah

    MizSuzannah Guest

    MizSuzannah . Old timer, lives in Reno, Nevada area, married with daughter.....long time @ddict and been onboard the @ddicts board for about six years....I lurked for the first couple years, then posted regularly but haven't been on in the last year due to "real life"....
    Nice to meet all the new faces, and to see all the old ones...
  8. beth0152

    beth0152 Guest

    Hello....Beth & John from east coastal Florida. Been with CruiseAddicts from the beginning....just been slack on writing much lately....but always been reading!
  9. Les and Dot from outside Toronto. @ddicts for several years now.
  10. Zigsmom

    Zigsmom Guest

    Hi! Janice here, still anticipating our first Carnival cruise in April! It's soooo cold here in Iowa! You can bet I'll be back with more questions!
  11. dezertcruzer

    dezertcruzer Guest

    Jennifer and José from Mesa, Arizona and Costa Rica. Addicts for several years now and loving it!
  12. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    came back to cruise -addicts, been gone for about 4 yrs. preparing for a may 14th. caribbean princess cruise. we are here from OHIO
  13. Miss Honey

    Miss Honey Guest

    here from ohio, haven't been here for 4 years. our honeymoon cruise is may 14th. on the princess caribbean, can't wait.
  14. Daniel from Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany!

    Still reading

    Happy New Year from the Danube River!
  15. Leatherneck

    Leatherneck Guest

    Hello to all you new cruise @ddicts. Just checking in from work in Rosslyn, Virginia. I'm at work and I live in Locust Grove, VA.
  16. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    red stripe here...
  17. Jorge

    Jorge Guest

    Hi Y'all, checking in from Houston, Texas.
  18. gaa

    gaa Guest

    Checking in from rainy southern Calif (the OC)---we aren't used to this weather!!!!
  19. Slinkiecat

    Slinkiecat Guest

    Well, I've been away from this board for a month or so, but since I'm back today, I'm leaving in three days for a world cruise on HAL Prinsendam, and I'll be gone for 113 days.

    See you all later!

  20. Hello All,
    Just stopping by to be counted!

    Norwegian Dream * 03/14/04
    Carnival Conquest * 12/07/03
    Legend Of The Seas * 5/30/03
    Constellation/ Celebrity * 10/25/02
    Millennium/ Celebrity * 09/30/01
    Grand Princess * 03/18/01
    Inspiration/ Carnival * 09/17/00
    Majesty of the Seas * 05/06/00
    Voyager of the Seas * 02/06/00
    Grandeur of the Seas * 07/03/99
    Visions of the Seas * 12/19/98
    Visions of the Seas * 12/09/98
    Grandeur of the Seas * 06/19/98
    Fascination/ Carnival * 06/14/97
    Enchanted Isle/ Commodore * 11/14/96
    Sovereign of the Seas * 06/15/96
    Sovereign of the Seas * 06/17/95
    Emerald Seas/ Commodore * 11/26/92
    Carnivale/ Carnival * 07/04/91


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