Death At Sea?



Does anyone know what is Princesse Cruise Line's policy when a person dies at sea? A friend of my daughter's father passed away today on one of their ships and they are having trouble getting the body released.
Please respond asap so we can help them.

John P

First, on a recent TV show I saw that the newer ships have a freezer/morgue on board for this type of situation.

Second, It would be a guess, but I would think that any cruise line would only release the body in the port the person boarded.

Third, in California anyway, unless the person has been seen a doctor in the days before their death and can testify to the cause of death, it goes to the coroner. If that's the case, they can not get the body

Fourth, tragic as the situation is, there is no rush to get the body. I can say that the body will be taken off the ship as soon as possible.


If their (the body and the spouse) disembarkation is in violation of the Jones Act, the survivor will eventually be assessed a fine--about $250 each. Kind, thoughtful law.

So sorry to hear about such a sad happening on a happy occasion, my sympathies and prayers for the family.



My mother's friend died while on a tour in Mexico from a ship and they left the body in Mexico until it was cleared by the Mexican authorities and it took 2 weeks before the body was flown home.

My mother had to pack up her things and bring them back with her because they were sharing a room. It was an awful experience for her.


On my most recent cruise on P&O's Pacific Sky in the South Pacific, a lady died 2 cabins away from me. The morning it was discovered they let everyone on my deck get up normally and go to breakfast, while everyone was gone they closed off the entire deck and wouldn't let anyone down there. All they told us was that there was a medical emergency. In actual fact they were transporting the body out of the cabin and into the morgue onboard. Shortly after the cruise had finished it appeared in the media and it turned out that they took the body out at our first port , Noumea(she died on the first night). They then did an autopsy in Noumea. She had died under strange conditions because the cabin in which she died was not hers. They taped up the cabins door, put big paddlocks on it, and a security guard was posted outside the entire time. That was until the Federal Police got onboard in Noumea too. They questioned my entire deck during the cruise.