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Debit card for the supercharge/roomkey

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Kim D., Aug 5, 2002.

  1. Kim D.

    Kim D. Guest

    Hi, What is the minimum amount of money I need in my checking account to use my bank debit card for the supercharge/roomkey on RCCI's Explorer of the seas. I like to carry cash/traveler checks with me and not have to depend on the ATM's; along with their exhorbant on ship ATM fees. Do they also accept cash at the checkin for the key. I guess I'm old school and beleive in paying cash for my vacations; that way I'm not too deppressed when I get home and open my credit card statement. The After Vacation Blues are bad enough! Thanks...Kim
  2. We're obsessive about not charging too. If we ever do, we pay the credit card balance off before we get a statement showing a balance. We just can't enjoy our vacation if we know we've had to charge any part of it. I know everyone doesn't do this, but it works for us. For cruises, this is what we do:

    Give a credit card upon embarkation check-in
    Charge all the usual stuff during the week to the stateroom account
    During the week, make a large payment in cash or Traveler's Checks at the Purser's Desk
    Check on the last night to make sure we have a zero balance, make a final payment in cash if we show a balance
    When we leave the ship, everything is paid for in cash without charging anything on the credit card

    Whatever you do, don't ever OVERPAY your account in cash. We did this once and figured the cruise line would credit our credit card, but they didn't. We were hounded from 6am until 9:30 a.m. on the last day to come pick up our $6.74 at the Purser's Desk (the one with the super massive lines!). :dizzy
  3. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    You sure can pay cash. You'll have to settle your account the morning you disembark at the pursers desk, and be prepared to stand in line a while.
  4. Kim D.

    Kim D. Guest

    Thanks for the replies! I spoke with my TA and after she spoke w/ RCCl come to find out: you may settle your account in cash the night before disembarkation in order to avoid the lines the next morning but you are no longer allowed to use your card. So that sounds good to me considering we'll be done with the cards at that point anyhow. We'll have the soda stickers; which is all we'll need; don't want a hangover for the flight home :)
  5. You can still use your card until around midnight the night before disembarkation, but then you'll have a small balance again on your Sign and Sail Card.

    We always pay it off twice - once during the week and once the night before. It's never crowded the night before we disembark - everyone is busy packing! :grin
  6. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    You can still use it after you pay, they just put your bill under your door on the last morning. Then you have to be down at the pursers desk by a certain time to pay your bal. We try not to charge anything else so we don't have to go back. But on RCI the pursers desk is open 24 hrs. so we just pay before we go back to our cabin on the last night.

    Laurie :wave

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