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Deviled Eggs

Discussion in 'Food Recipes' started by debowah, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. debowah

    debowah Guest

    Looking for some suggestions for the two dozen hard boiled eggs I have. Simple and easy would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance....deb
  2. suer182

    suer182 Guest


    The only 2 thoughts I have and I can handle these is egg salad and like you mentioned deviled eggs.

    Mix the yolk with mayo and mustard and put back into the white.
  3. debowah

    debowah Guest

    Suer you made me laugh out loud. I know that you are not the chef on the board and when you were the only one that responded to my post, it gave me a chuckle. Thanks for the suggestions, I am looking for a recipe for deviled eggs. Someone on the "ramble" post on the Community Board gave me a list of ingredients, but no directions on what to do with them. How much mayo/mustard??? I will look on FoodTV.com or google. Thanks again for replying and have a Happy Easter....deb
  4. suer182

    suer182 Guest

    It might be one of the many reasons I have disasters in the clock room is cause I dont measure.

    After I slice the egg(s) in half, lengthwise, and scoop out the yolk, I add about that many squeezes of mayo and mustard and mix into the bowl with all the yolks.

    I dont think I would attempt to mix 2 dozen eggs yolks at once.

    Serioulsy, I have no clue how much I put in. I would start out with small amounts then keep adding to a taste you are happy with. Same goes for the salt and pepper a few dashes.

    Happy Easter to you too, happy mixing.
  5. debowah

    debowah Guest

    Thanks Suer....I did 6 eggs at a time and used Dijon mustard for half and ketchup for the other half. They must have been a success because they were all eaten. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.....Deb
  6. duskbat

    duskbat Guest

    This post is making me very very hungry! I knew i shoudnt venture into this forum ;/

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