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Diagnosis is--things moving fast



Mike has a lymphoma (dr says there are about 50 kinds) which is moving fast. Was supposed to see oncologist tomorrow but he just called & said we have a bone marrow at 7:15 a.m. followed by a Pet Scan at 11. Said as soon as he decides what the treatment will be they will put in a port line. He believes that with EVERYTHING we have experienced over the past 18mo spine, lungs, etc that it has been this lymphoma the entire time but it just would NOT test out as lymphoma. Because we have spent the past yr basically destroying his immune system to keep the SEVERE Crohn's from killing him this cancer has had "free reign" to take over his body. Dr says it is a treatable cancer but with the immune system, the Crohn's, & the fact that he has perhaps had this as long as 2 yrs (something about it just kind of bubbling under the surface yet not strong enough to actually push thru & show up in tests as he has been tested for this over the months). We have a real battle on our hands. Saw the gastro this morn & said he would be working closely with the oncologist. At the moment I am terrified--first & foremost because he has been sooo sick this past mo & because the dr is approaching this with such an urgency--no more waiting for tests & results will be coming almost immediately. Oncologist pushed his schedule aside to do this bone marrow 1st thing in the a.m. as he said it can't wait--have to move fast. I have received some PM's from my cruise addict family & I appreciate your thoughts & prayers. I believe we are in the battle of our lives so your continued support is soooo appreciated.

Jill B

Oh Kathy, not what I wanted to read. I will certainly keep you and Mike in my thoughts and prayers.


=hug=hug=hug Kathy! Will be keeping your DH in my thoughts and prayers...through all that is to come know you will not be alone!


Dear Lord, we think we have been dealing with so much, then we get slammed with something even more brutal. This just makes me want to go to bed and cry myself to sleep. Instead I will pound on Heaven's gates for some peace and hope for the two of you and a huge amount of discernment and wisdom for your medical team. At least now this monster has a name and they can work out a battle plan that will be effective in the long run.

Kathy, sometimes I hate cliches but that phrase "what does not kill us will make us stronger" just seems to give me strength right now.

Hugs and lots of prayers headed your way girlfriend.


Glad that they are moving so fast! I am praying for a great outcome. We are here for you to vent at anytime.



Kathy, I wish the news had been better, but at least now you KNOW what you are fighting. All of the NON-answers for the past year have been so perflexing and frightening.

Know that @ddicts are sending our good vibes to both Mike and you.


Dear Kathy, finally you have a name for what you have been puzzled by for so long! And it seems as though the doctors are acting quickly to get some real healing going for your DH. I truly hope the Oncologist can get going with some treatment, too.

Good thoughts and prayers for your husband, you, and all of your family....God bless...


All the above wishes and messages are so special and beautiful and I can't think to add anything else to what has been said, but I just want to send my absolute love and prayers and POSITIVE THOUGHTS to you both. You are both so very brave and I KNOW you'll win this next battle. =hug =hug


Kathy - I can only add to the comments above. Your DH and you are in my continuing prayers. With all that he has been through, I feel in my heart of hearts that he will conquer this latest hurdle.



Hi Kathy,

Well, the battle plan is set. We know what you are dealing with and have set ourselves in a firm stance to fight. Sounds like the doctors are on the same page and will double up on their skills to beat this thing!

We are all here for you, don't forget that!


Donna - dsw

Kathy, at least they are now taking action - will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to question every move they make and get the answers you want - - - if they are taking action they can tell you what and why!


Hoping the doctors have the right diagnosis and treatment plan worked out. Prayers for both of you, and your medical staff ....


Can't add anything new to what the others have said, just that you have my best wishes for your fight ahead. Please keep us posted!


Thank God you finally have some answers and can begin your fight. Please know we are here any time you need to talk, and that you and DH will be in our prayers until he has a clean bill of health. As Calgon said, prayers for the doctors too, because they are an important part of this.


Kathy - the pet scan can be read immediately, as can the bone marrow...it may take longer though on the bone marrow if they want/need other doctors from other hospitals to look at it...but, it sounds like they are finally getting somewhere with this. So glad to read that whatever he has is treatable. I will keep both of you in my thoughts. =hug


I am sad to hear this but I know that with all of the @ddicts sending good thoughts to you both that
you will have the strength to fight this. Will be sending my prayers up for both of you.


At last you have an answer & it's good that they are moving fast. Remember to take care of you too.
Prayers & good thoughts are on the way for your husband & you from MN.

H2O babe

I echo Jan's sentiments coming from MN - I will keep your hubby and your family in my thoughts and prayers.