did anyone else feel they were "fleeced" in Jamaica?


Chicks on a Cruise

The Grand Princess stopped in Ocho Rios on March 10th 2008. I had hired a tour over the internet and was lucky enough to get Trevor. He was wonderful, affordable and always gave good tips and suggestions. Dunn's River Falls are beautiful and not to be missed but DO NOT exit the park the way they try to make you. The vendors are the worst EVER. You'll pay a ton just to get away. I heard that you can actually exit through the entrance even if it says not to. DO IT! That experience with the vendors made us never want to return to Jamaica. On the falls we were propositioned at least 5 times to buy drugs and yes, the boys who offer to take your photo with YOUR camera are doing it to make money, pay them or say No thank you.
The last stop on our tour was a shopping center but we didn't care for it so we asked Trevor to take us to Margaritaville instead. That was way better. Good drinks, lots of people, music, beautiful beach, pool, etc.
I will avoid Jamaica in the future. It's understandable because of the economy but they are only hurting themselves by making people NOT want to return and NOT recommend to their friends. Too bad, it's a beautiful Island.
See pics of W Caribbean stops on my You Tube. Search "W Caribbean Cruise" and click on the one that shows the Life Ring of Grand Princess.