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Did Doc Dance, yesterday.................Regal Princess Nov. 7th questions

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by sailinsal, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. sailinsal

    sailinsal Guest

    Only 11 days..................we did not get Express Check in stickers................we are platimum members..................we are doing hotel and transfer from airport to Mariana Marriott North day before sailing and transfer from hotel to ship,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you think we will receive such from Princess staff? thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,also, our stop in Cartenga is cancelled, and we stop for several hours after the transit of Miraflores locks..........anyone ever done that stop? thanks, sailin sal
  2. Princess Pat

    Princess Pat Guest

    We did not get Express Check-In stickers on our recent package either but when we got there we just went up to the Platinum lane and everything was in order. Perhaps Princess changed the process.

  3. ocean.queen

    ocean.queen Guest

    Just go straight to the Platinum desk and they will take care of you...your cruise card that they hand you should be platinum but you will get a seperate room key card because the Regal has the old hole type card for the stateroom doors.

    You will not miss much at all by your cancelled stop in Cartagena. If I take another canal cruise I will probably stay on the ship at that port! I assume you are transiting the canal from the Caribbean to the Pacific. The stop after your transit is a pier in Balboa (to fuel up the ship) just over a few hills from Panama City. If your lucky the Captain will notify the locals and they will be there with their wares for you to buy...beautiful hand made items. **Then make sure you are on the top deck when you pass under the Bridge of America's...awesome!
  4. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    ALL Cartegena port stops are cancelled until further notice. It may still appear on your docs or online that the stop is going to be made, but it isn't. I think they're substituting Ocho Rios for our Coral cruise.

    :wave =docdance =docdance :wave

    Congrats on getting the docs, Sal. :thumb Hope you two have a FABULOUS time! :)
  5. Rogster

    Rogster Guest

    Hi Lady Jag. You may not get Ocho Rios. For some reason, Princess is switching scheduled stops in Ocho Rios to Montego Bay. We are going in late January but I've seen other posts for cruises in December that Princess changed them from Ocho Rios to Mo'Bay. I am a bit concerned since I just read in another Message Board that Mo'Bay has recently experienced a significant amount of rioting over some recent Police shootings. We may just stay on the ship!

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