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Did "Love Boat" Start The Cruise Craze?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Paul B, May 3, 2001.

  1. Paul B

    Paul B Guest


    Peggy and I both have loved to travel, and we used to tour all over the US with our children in a yellow submarine (VW campmobile. Also, when we first married, I was in the USAF, and we travelled all over Europe. However, living in Texas a good distance away from the cruise ports, we never even thought about cruising until we watched Love Boat. Even then, Peggy had to drag me onto our first cruise in 1993. Now, 14 cruises later, we never want to stop. Just wondering what it was that got the rest ou you started?

    Paul B
  2. AnnW

    AnnW Guest

    Hey, Paul...regarding the multiple postings....I hope you recovered from the hiccups, now! :) :)

    I would have to say that yes, I got interested in cruising...a little bit...from the Love Boat series (the original)..never did see the new one. But what *really* got me interested was a life-long desire to see Alaska, and to realize that I could cruise there. For me, cruising is the scenery, not the amenities on the ship (although of course they are nice! )

    Anyway, I found somebody who had cruised to Alaska, absolutely loved it, and convinced me to go. So I did. And I have to say that it was indeed an awesome trip -- and cruising seems quite compatible for a person in a wheelchair. My husband, who normally has to care for me (help me get meals, for instance) could feel free to go off exploring on his own, knowing that I could get around the ship OK by myself, get to the dining rooms, and back to our cabin, without him needing to always be attentive. So it was a very pleasant experience for him, too.

    We're looking forward to our *next* cruise, just 15 days from now!
  3. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    I'm not really certain why we chose to go on our first cruise, other than Dan suggested it, for our honeymoon. But I do know that I've been the instigator for every subsequent one lol.
  4. TAO

    TAO Guest

    My sister and brother-in-law had cruised with some friends and loved it. they started talking to us and I really was not interested, finally said OK if we do the Panama Canal I will go. Wrong words, we went. Well we had not even neared the canal and I was hooked. It was a great cruise and I will never forget it. We have been on two since -- would be many more but those $$$$ just don't come off the money tree too well. Our next cruise is Hawaii on the Radiance with that same twosome that got us going in the first place. We are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
  5. jeffstern

    jeffstern Guest

    When I was a kid, we lived at Norton's Point, N.Y., across the street from a lighthouse at the entrance to New York Harbor. I used to watch all the ships go in and out of port: the United States, America, Queens Mary & Elizabeth, The Independence, Isle de France, Cristoforo Columbo, and a bunch of other old classic ocean liners. When we moved to Miami, I worked in Miami Beach and had to take the causeway every day, past the Port. Every Monday and Friday, there would be a line up of 5-6 cruise ships. I finally btroke down and my wife and I went on our first cruise in 1988. We got hooked and have been on 40+ since! The first cruise fulfilled a lifelong love of ships.
  6. Marilyn

    Marilyn Guest

    I am really hoping that my husband loves his first cruise this August. My first and only cruise was in 1995 and I've been dying to go on another...he finally agreed. We're taking our 3 boys on the Carnival Triumph (it seems to have something for all of us), and then I'm hoping he's hooked so we can then try Celebrity, HAL, etc, just by ourselves. He kind of got "roped" into this one because we couldn't decide what to do for the annual family vacation...I'll be bribing any and all crew members on the Triumph to make his experience one he wants to repeat over and over. If I could just get him to sit at the computer long enough to read all this Board's comments... I know he'd be hooked!
  7. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    My first cruise was in 1991 and I did not have a great time - but I watched the Love Boat all the time! lol I guess I was waiting for Gopher or Captain Stubing to come and make things all right! lol

    My Dad did a cruise to Alaska (HAL) in 1998 and he had such a great time, that I looked into another cruise and ended up doing Alaska (my only non-negotiable criteria!) and ended up on the Sea Princess and had the trip of a lifetime which has hooked me on cruising - been on 3 mroe since that Alaska cruise and am looking forward to next May!
  8. Audrey

    Audrey Guest

    My friend kept telling us how wonderful cruiseing was and we took a 3 day cruise to see if we liked it. Our upcoming cruise to Alaska will be our 5 cruise. 63 DAYS to go time is beginning to move faster. I am looking forward in seeing the ships start going to Alaska in few days from now.
  9. flyingfish

    flyingfish Guest

    It did for me!
  10. marye

    marye Guest

    Always enjoyed the "Love Boat". Our first cruise was in 1981. My former S-I-L's mom was working in a TA office as a receptionist, and we got two for ones on the Cunard Countess. It was great, and have been cruising since (although life only let us do two in the next eight years, we have been slowy increasing our cruising frequencyevr since.) Number 11 is comiing up in July, and I am scoping out the next one!!!

  11. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    I've never been crazy about water travel. I get motion sick and I get really panicky if I can't touch land....I mean like on a little brook, I'd panic. I think it's because I'm not a strong swimmer, even though I love to swim. Also, because I'm not in control.

    At any rate, most of the "romance" of the Love Boat was wasted on me as I was too young when the show was popular (around 10-12.) Althought I always liked the pool scenes. That was really the only part of the ship I ever wanted to go to at that time.

    What got me interested was the videos my uncles brought back from the Sovereign of the Seas innaugaral season cruise. I was in my early 20s and had realized just how much stress there was in my life, the level of pampering and excitement....felt I could overcome the seasickness (No panic attacks on the water at that time.) Because I was just started out careerwise, the money wasn't there to actually go and cruising took a back seat, especially when the panic attacks on the water started in my late 20s.

    Then, early last year, life was especially stressful for both hubby and me. We needed to be away--totally---unreachable by phone even--for a while. We'd gone to Jamaica the year before and were called there by family and work, so we were kind of at a loss. Until----we saw the NCL ads for buy one get one free Sale of Sails event. I decided that weighing the panic vs. the stress, I'd overcome the panic, especially on a large ship. I could always go inside. We did some investigating and decided on Princess instead of NCL.

    We're hooked! No communication from the outside world, absolute pampering, great food, and we can do nothing if we so choose. 106 days till R4 and Tahiti (now then we'll REALLY be incommunicato!)
  12. Donna

    Donna Guest

    I have been on the water and boating all my life. I love it. But, never been on a real cruise with an official cruise ship.

    On day in 1994 walking through out local mall we passed a travel agent. I said I want to take a cruise - hubby said I want to go to Hawaii - if they have a cruise to Hawaii book it. So, . . . thus our first cruise and best vacation ever. ha ha

    We are going to Alaska this year and are just as excited.

    I could go every three months if I could afford it.

  13. KCMiller

    KCMiller Guest

    My husband and I just wanted to go away for a week without the kids, and since we were leaving the kids with my parents in New Jersey (right across from Manhatten), we decided that a cruise would be a good idea. My idea of a great vacation is reading, foo foo drinks and hot and cold running food - and my husband would include laying in the sun and sleeping to that. A cruise to Bermuda seemed to fit the bill, so we embarked, after careful consideration, on the Celebrity Meridian for a wonderful week - and we have never looked back.

    A sidebar, but what a beautiful ship she was! I was so sad to hear that she had foundered and sunk, many years later.

  14. Mermaid

    Mermaid Guest

    Love of the ocean is in my blood, I was born with it. It can be traced back to father, and his father, and so on. The fascination with the sea has caused all four of my brothers to become fishing fanatics and boaters, one was a commercial ship captain, two are divers, while the other two snorkel (of course they usually had a spear gun in hand). Although I would return to the ocean for vacation, time and time again, I never considered a cruise. In fact, I would look at a ship from the shores of Cayman or Cozumel and say, not me! First cruise in 1997, totally hooked. On the ocean, in a boat (I love boats), going different places, and having a darned good time all the while...well...I don't have to tell you guys. A cruise is simply the best.
  15. Beth & John

    Beth & John Guest

    The Love Boat definitely was a favorite show of ours......but we didn't get to go on a cruise till many years later. We bought a boat instead & enjoyed taking our 2 sons out with us. We still have the boat but....Finally....we took the boys and went on our first cruise on 1-1-95. We have never looked back. This past Dec. we went on our 11th cruise.....and we're scouting around for our next one.

    Coming from 100% Viking stock.....I guess you could say the ocean is in my blood! I have always loved the tempo & smells of the ocean. For a while, I lived inland by a lake....but couldn't wait to get back to the ocean. I feel that it gets into your mind, body & soul. I never felt 'whole' living elsewhere.

  16. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    My husband wanted to go on one for our honeymoon in 1984 and I said no way. I was deathly afraid I'd spend my honeymoon hanging over the railing being sick. He finally talked me into one for our first anniversary and I cried when we had to get off. We've been on 17 and can't wait for our next one, probably next year. As mentioned previously, it's absolutely the BEST way to travel. My husband travels a lot for work and we spend a lot of time apart so cruising is a great way to be able to spend quality time away from everything. It's addictive!
  17. PEB

    PEB Guest

    I used to watch the cruise ships that sailed the Great Lakes come into Duluth back in the late 50's and early 60's. Always wanted to try a cruise the Love Boat just enhanced that feeling. The funny thing is the first cruise I took was on the Independence and they had to do some real arm twisting for that cruise. I had absolutely no desire to go to Hawaii. Went back this year for the ship still do not care for Hawaii.
  18. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    My hubby has always loved water and boats - he had access form his grand parents house to the Bay that dopped into the Gulf.. He would see the shimp boats and thought they were huge... He always wanted to go on a BIG boat..

    I grew up in NY and went to Long Island and Montaque Point (spelling?) every two weeks to Beef Steak Charlies on the Marina - I would walk the board walk and gaze out over the ocean longing to be on it...

    For our Honeymoon we decided to do the biggest boat we could find and booked a cruise... We went to an island later and I stared out at the ocean wishing to be on it not just looking at it... Since then we pretty much only cruise.. The ocean is in the blood - don't know why.... I always did love watching Love Boat and expecially the Bon Voyage as they left... I just didn't realise I would ever be able to live it with a wonderful man that loves me.... :) Debbie
  19. Shelley

    Shelley Guest

    I was a Love Boat lover, too. It may have clued me in to the desire to cruise, but I have had a love of water all of my life. My grandma lived on the lake when I was a little girl, and I loved watching the freighters...and I loved being on boats.

    My husband let me pick our honeymoon. I had free reign...he was just along for the ride. I chose a cruise, and now he is hooked!
  20. Shelli

    Shelli Guest

    The Love Boat may have started the cruise craze, but for me, it was my friend's brochure from her trip on the Norway that did it! That was back in 1987, and I was bound and determined to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, my ex-husband did not share my urge to cruise-- after all, it was *my* idea and not his! Then a total stranger told him that cruises were great, so it was ok to go after all. After that first one, it all became *his* idea, so it was a good one! And I can't complain-- got to go on 4 with him that way.

    Working on my 8th, which will be my 4th with my *new* hubby, who thinks I have *great* ideas! :)

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