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Did you hear?....

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by callahanjulie10, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. I read somewhere that starting SOON on Mariner that they were going to start charging $3.95 per person to dine at Johnny Rockets! I can't believe that- another charge. I am really getting discouraged by RCI. I feel I am taking a chance by cruising RCI since I am accustomed to cruising DCL but am doing it because Mariner is such an awesome ship and it is out of Port Canaveral. It seems that RCI charges for so many things that DCL doesn't (such as cokes- DCL comps them if you eat at a sitdown restaurant and only changes $5 per person to eat at the adult only Palo- which is wonderful). Bingo is quite a bit more on RCI, etc, Ben & Jerry's, good coffee, etc.
    Someone please cheer me up!
  2. lucky

    lucky Guest

    I understand your disappointment. Do not fret too much, I have not cruised DCL, but have cruised RCCL many times. You will have a wonderful cruise.
    It is true though about the charge, there is a News post on the Home page of cruise critic.com and many posts in protest. I agree we are getting nickle and dimed at every turn...seems this happens almost anyplace.
    My only defense is the power to the consumer. I have already emailed RCCL and will most likely not set foot in Johnny Rockets if there is a charge when I go.
  3. firtree

    firtree Guest

    To voice your thoughts to Royal Caribbean jhilton@rccl.com is the spokesperson who sent out the message. Let your voice be heard either way that you feel. To me it takes away from the cruise experience a little bit. We will see what happens!!!!
  4. I just emailed jhilton to let him know my displeasure!
  5. BP

    BP Guest

    Hey what's an extra $8.00 a person for a hamburger, Fries and a Shake. Heck you would pay that in any other over priced burger joint.

    Now if they would just stop using the term " All inclusive cruise "
  6. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    I Just Got Through Emailing My Concerns,My Family Has Cruised Carnival Twice Before And We Have Had A Great Time,Several Friends Including My Travel Agent Has Told Me That Rccl Is Such A Step Up,We Are Booked For Halloween On The Mariner Of The Seas,But Carnival Is Looking Better,If Rccl Is Going To Start Nickel & Diming People,If I Wanted To Be Charged For A Burger And Fries I Can Go To Mcdonalds And Not Have To Pay Over $2,000. Not Trying To Be Rude Or Hurt Someones Feelings But Don't Stick Out Your Hand Rccl Everytime I Want To Eat,Looking Foward To Rccl Responce On This Matter,Carnival Is Looking Better Every Day!
  7. kamy

    kamy Guest

    Is this going to happen for all Voyager class ships and when will it go in effect?
  8. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    i just got off the phone with royal caribbean about this matter,the gentlemen i talked to said this is a test for the next two sailings on the mariner and the navigator,i voiced my concern on this issue,his responce was rccl is trying to detour everyone from eating there,that was his exact quote! their agent told me that crown and anchor members would get a coupon for one free vist.everyone should call or email to voice their concern on this issue!
  9. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    NCL is trying to do a similar kind of "consumer test" on some of their ships by charging a fee for the after-dinner entertainment shows. I think they got the same kind of response, which was something like, "We're mad as H***, and we're not going to take this anymore!". Peter Finch did a pretty good job with that in "Network News". (Hope I got the movie name right)
  10. My family is booked for the Halloween cruise too! Me-35, hubby-42, and our daughter- 13. They both have b-days right at cruisetime!
  11. Ali

    Ali Guest

    When the Voyager first came out they were charging extra for everything....ice skating, the rock wall and Johnny Rockets. It didn't last long and they dropped the extra fee. I rarely ate at JR but my daughter did enjoy going there. I bet this "test" doesn't go over well and they do away with the extra fee.
  12. jrsygrl

    jrsygrl Guest

    Well there is one good thing about the charge..........it will keep me away from those yummy, hip enlarging onion rings!
  13. charging a fee for the after-dinner entertainment shows on NCL? that is just way out there, that will not work for sure.. that just ant right
  14. gkrebs

    gkrebs Guest

    March 9, 2004

    Royal Caribbean Tests Johnny Rockets Surcharge
    In this week's second bit of new-restaurant-surcharge news, Royal Caribbean has launched a test program that involves a $3.95 per-person fee at its Johnny Rockets restaurants.

    The fee, introduced this week on Mariner of the Seas, will spread to Navigator of the Seas beginning with Saturday’s voyage (March 13), a seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise out of Miami. Spokeswoman Jaye Hilton attributes the test effort, which she calls "very preliminary," to helping "manage demand for the restaurant."

    "As Johnny Rockets gets more popular shore-side, it’s getting increasingly popular on our ships," she says. "Our ultimate goal [in charging a fee] is to enhance guest satisfaction."

    The surcharge also applies to carry-out orders; folks will pay $3.95 for a set "takeaway" package, which consists of a burger, fries, onion rings and dessert. In-restaurant diners will still be able to consume unlimited quantities. This "new" per-person fee at Johnny Rockets is not unprecedented for Royal Caribbean, however; Voyager of the Seas, which was the first ship to incorporate a chain restaurant onboard, initially charged a fee (which was ultimately revoked due to passenger uproar).

    Members of all three levels of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society (its past passenger program) who sail on Navigator of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas, will receive a coupon for one free visit.

    Johnny Rockets is only found on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager-class ships (Voyager, Explorer, Adventure, Navigator, and Mariner of the Seas). Despite its widespread popularity, Hilton says there are currently no plans to expand the chain to other ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet.
  15. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    It's Been Almost 24 Hours Since I Sent A Email Over This Issue,No Responce As Of Yet,What Else Will Rccl Charge For Between Now And My Cruise? I Am Outraged Over This Issue! It Depends On If I Get A Reply From Rccl If I Decide To Keep The Cruise Or Take The Family On A Different Cruise Line Or Go To Universal And Disney World.
  16. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    here is the reply from rccl about my concern.Thank you for your email. We are always interested in feedback from our
    guests and appreciate that you took the time to express your concerns. I
    will share your comments with the appropriate departments.

    Thank you,

    Jaye Hilton
    Manager, Corporate Communications. I Am Glad I Can Receive My Entire Deposit Back ,Now Its Off To Get A Burger LOL !!!!!!!!!
  17. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    I'm sending an e-mail now too. If they have to, then raise the price of the cruise and don't nickel and dime us! Thanks for the e-mail addy!
  18. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    The response I got was exactly the same as Uncle Roy's message above. We're going to do this cruise with them, but unless I'm just absolutely blown away, we'll be going back to Disney after this one. All kinds of stuff not included in the price on RCCL that was included on Disney.
  19. kamy

    kamy Guest

    Can you name so things that disney includes which RCCL doesnt as I have not sailed with Disney yet and might prefer to in the future.Thanks
  20. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Sure. Only one place on the entire ship charges an surcharge to eat, and that's Palo's. My guess is it's like Chops or Portofino's insofar as premium dining experience. That said, the other three dining rooms on the Disney Magic were spectacular in their own right, with superb meals. Everything else is included. Ice cream bar, pizza, etc all included. The other thing that surprised us was the transfers from the airport and the insurance being quoted separately.

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