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Did you hear?....

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by callahanjulie10, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Not trying to start anything but all the things you mentioned that were included on a Disney cruise is also included on a RCCL cruise.RCCL may offer options that have a charge but that is what they are options, you don't have to buy them if you don't want them. I think I heard someone say that soda during meals was included on Disney and if so that would be one thing that RCCL does charge extra for.
  2. BP

    BP Guest

    What a great coment above from RCCL, They are just trying to detour people from eating in Johhny Rockets. . Does that mean that in the future they will charge you to eat at any restaurant to help detour people from eating in the regular restaurants.

    Land vacations are looking a lot better. That way I can pay and pick the place I want to eat .
  3. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Didn't realize that transfers and insurance were included on RCCL. The RCCL lady we're working with quoted us over five hundred dollars extra for those. As far as the food, I assumed (incorrectly, based on your post) that the only ice cream available was the Ben & Jerry's, and that is at an additional charge.

    As to some things being options, I agree so long as they're plainly described as options. In the case of Johnny Rockets, it has always been included up til now. Seems like an attempt to nickel and dime people a little. I don't understand why they'd risk all the good will they have over something as silly as this.
  4. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    Please Everyone Call Royal Caribbean At 1-800-398-9819.We Can Change This If We Will Take 5 Minutes To Voice Our Concern.If We Don't Whats Next? The Next Thing They Will Have Is Pay Toliets! Give Them A Call!!
  5. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    No ins. and transfers are not included and when I went to check into booking a Disney cruise they were not included either. I was given a price with and without. That was in Jan. of this year.

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  6. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    They were included in the quote I received from the Disney Cruise website. You could get a quote without, but the default was with it included. Fact remains that the only dining that required a surcharge on Disney was Palo's, and I make the count five on places that require additional charges on RCCL.
  7. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Like I said before they are options. There are so many other places to eat that are included. On the Voyager class ships for a charge they have 2 very nice restaurantsand now Johnny Rockets to eat at and they have Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But included in the cruise price they have a 3 level dinning room for all meals and the Windjammer buffet for more casual meals. Then they have The Promanade Cafe for light sandwiches, desserts, pizza, and coffee, tea or hot chocolate and it is open 24/7. Then they have the soft serve ice cream stands for a treat out by the pool area outside of the Windjammer and another in the Promanade outside by the Cafe Promanade. Now on the Vision class they do not have any places that charge additional . The majesty class has no places that charge additional, The Radiance class has Chops and Portifino's that charge additional. So it depends on the class ship you are on also as to how many places charge a fee, some ships have no additional fee places, other than the casino and bars of course. All I am trying to say is you are judging them before trying them and to just wait until your cruise and go and enjoy it. The Disney ships do they have free miniature golf and rock climbing walls and ice shows? My point is every ship and every cruise line has something to offer while it is not always the same thing on each ship there is plenty to enjoy no matter what. While you are used to how a certain cruise line does things all cruise lines differ and you just need to adjust, it really isn't a big deal, you will have a good time and probably find RCCL does some things you like better than Disney as well as some that you don't , but it will balance out in the end.
    Now all that said I do not agree with the extra charge for Johnny Rockets and hope that enough of us complain that they will rethink it :thumb really I hope you have a great cruise and enjoy :wave
  8. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    FYI - we are booked on NOS in April and called Royal Caribbean and they said Johnny Rockets would not be charging on our sailing.

    Your comments are paying off.
  9. I am cruising with RCCL in October so please don't take this as negative! but from what I have read from trip reports about RCCL- the food in the one dining room is ok- (the $$ restaurant on DCL) but nothing to brag about- the food in the buffet is not so good- and if you want a really good meal- you need to eat at one of the $$ restaurants or at Johnny Rockets (the onion rings are supposed to be wonderful!). The food on DCL is really good in all 3 restaurants, the buffet is good- not great- but good. Palo is great but we don't eat there everytime we cruise so it isn't something that we feel is a must to get a good meal. The sodas at every sitdown restaurant are free. You pay for soda from room service, buffet, or to go areas around the pool. Juice is always free, as well as, lemonade, teas, coffee (which is good), and cocoa on DCL. It is available 24 hours a day. I also read that to get good coffee- you have to purchase it on RCCL- the free coffee isn't ground bean coffee, it is some kind of crazy concentrate liquid that tastes bad. I really think that it is crazy that they charge for juice on RCCL- but I will bring what I need. DCL also allows you to bring on beverages with no problem.
    I am just glad that I know about these charges in advance so I can prepare financially- I want to cruise on the Mariner and look forward to it. I am not so much looking forward to the dining like I do on DCL but the activities that Mariner has to offer my daughter is awesome!
  10. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I would not worry about the food on RCCL as it is just fine. Wait until you try it to form an opinion and don't let the negative things you have heard worry you.You will be able to have a good meal without paying extra for it. If RCCL food was as bad as some people complain it is then no one would be cruising on them and they would not have such a high # of repeat passengers.There are plenty of people that write very positive things about RCCL and the food etc. not everyone is unhappy so don't just listen to the negatives and have a great cruise :thumb
  11. If RCCL raised the prices and did not charge for Johnny Rockets and Chops, etc, my guess would be that we would be spending much more for the cruise than if we were to visit these places a couple of times and just pay the charge. I would rather have the choice than pay for it up front and maybe only go once or twice.


    Mariner of the Seas 9/04
    Explorer of the Seas 6/02
    Enchantment of the Seas 7/99
    Nordic Empress 7/95
  12. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Actually even Cruise Critic mentions that the food quality on RCCL isn't that great (but the say that RCCL makes no claims about it being particularly good cuisine). If people just wanted to hear how great RCCL is, why would they come here?
  13. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Why would they only want to hear bad things about RCCL. You have never cruised on them yet all the neg. comments about them are all you seem to believe. All I said was to keep an open mind thats it. We have been cruising on RCCL since 1991 and have cruised on several of their ships. We have also cruised on Princess, Celebrity, Carnival and another line that no longer exists, so we have a good idea of how other cruise lines are. We have been on 18 cruises and have enjoyed evey one of them. They have all been a bit diff. from each other but that didn't matter. If all you want to do is listen to the negative comments and not believe that maybe they are not so bad, go for it. I'm just giving my opinion and saying for you to judge yourself after your cruise and not before. I'm not saying you have to believe me, I'm saying believe yourself once you have cruised on RCCL.
  14. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    I don't necessarily only believe all the negative comments I read about them, but you seem to want to refute each instance of someone being critical. I'm glad you've always had a good time on your cruises, and I hope you continue to do so. This will be my second cruise, and I was completely blown away by the first one (DCL). I hope to be equally "wow'd" on this one, but I think it's fair to say it's getting off on the wrong foot if the continue with this surcharge.

    I believe that it's a bad idea, and perhaps even a little dishonest of RCCL, to add a surcharge to a restaurant on board a class of ships after people have already booked. If you want to do that, put a start date on it, perhaps six months to a year out, so that there are no surprises.
  15. sexilexi

    sexilexi Guest

    Royal Caribbean does provide free ice tea, lemonade, fruit punch, hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee...pretty much anything but sodas and alcohol. To me that seems like a pretty nice selection. And the food on their ships is more than good. I don't think that they should be charging for johnny rocket, but i also agree that even if they did its an OPTION, there are plenty and i mean plenty other things to eat. Who could eat johnny rocket everyday anyway? i much rather have the healthier food that they provide than burgers and onion rings everyday. As far as comparing them to a Disney cruise in my opinion there is no comparision unless maybe you're a child. Royal Caribbean is awesome in so many ways. I think if you give them a chance you will be very happy!
  16. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Just trying to give you the facts, so you have the correct info.
  17. bnldavis

    bnldavis Guest

    About the coffee on the Mariner - I asked the senior staff (there was a Q&A session during the cruise) specifically about the coffee on the Mariner and the executive chef said all the coffee on the Mariner is fresh ground - I think it's Seattle's Best - not the concentrate. They have fancy machines for the coffee in the Promenade Cafe and the Windjammer. There is also a "coffee bar" where you can get espresso and lattes and other fancy coffee drinks - for that *oh so lovable* extra charge!

    In general I have found more and more "extra charges" on cruise ships. Princess does it, RCCL does (both from personal experience) and I have heard that HAL & NCL do it too. Don't know about Disney, but every DCL cruise I've priced has been 150-200 more than RCCL, so I would expect they shouldn't.
  18. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    I Have Voiced My Concern And Also Emailed Rccl About This Matter. My Family And I Are Upset Over This Matter,If Evryone That Feels The Same Way About J.R. Would Send Rccl A Email And Call To Voice Their Displeasure,We Could Have This Changed! ALSO I am Glad To Live In The Land Of The Free,Because We Live In Such A Great Country,We Have The Right To Voice Our Concerns! We May Not All Agree On This Matter,But Thats What Makes Our Country So Great,We Can Voice Our Opinion And Listen To Both Sides Of The Story And Decide What Or Whom Is Right Or Wrong!
  19. Lmack

    Lmack Guest

    We have sailed on RCCL six times and they have all been wonderful experiences. Each ship has had its own unique flavor. We absolutely loved the Enchantment of the Seas 7-day cruise. The food on all of our sailings were good with a lot of variety. I will say that we ate all three meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) in the Main Diningroom. We never had a bad meal. The service was good - outstanding on the Enchantment! Some cabin stewards are better than others - I just think that's the luck of the draw!

    Regarding the transfers & insurance, they are never added into the quote. If you want it then it will be added, but only if you request it.

    We're sailing on the Mariner 6/27 and Explorer 10/10. We can hardly wait!
  20. So far Enchantment is my favorite as well. We're doing Mariner in Sept so we'll see if it's still my favorite. It just has more of a personal feeling, probably due to less passengers. I haven't done the rock-climbing wall yet, even though we were on Explorer. So much to do, so little time!


    Mariner of the Seas 9/04
    Explorer of the Seas 6/02
    Enchantment of the Seas 7/99
    Nordic Empress 7/95

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