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I agree with you about the surcharges being hard to stomach.
When I pay for a cruise (after scrimping and saving), I expect to
pay even more for tips and shore excursions but hope not to have
my wallet emptied by unexpected ship fees every time I turn around.
On my first cruise 13 years ago the sodas were included at dinner. I don't
know when this stopped but sodas are definitely not free now...no problem,
water's much better for us and refill our own water bottles. Now that I'm
on my 5th cruise and have started to bring the kids along, surcharges are
becoming even more annoying.
It's one thing to deal with this as an adult
but it's pretty tough to say no to the kids every time you pass Ben & Jerrys
and now Johnny Rockets - it's just SO much easier when everything is included.

On the up side, I recall the Voyager offering free pizza (very tasty), soft-serve ice cream (just so-so but the sprinkles were free), pastries, and other goodies to eat
24 hours a day, all for no surcharge. I'm scheduled to go on my 5th RCCL cruise this year and I have never had a bad meal in the main dining
room. If I didn't like something I could always just order a different meal with
no problem. I often wonder at the mediocre food revues I read but I just assume that my husband and I are just not as picky as others. Now I have to admit that the food Windjammer Cafe is not great but it is still pretty decent, just a little repetitive.

just my 2 cents.