Digital camera on Star



We're getting set to cruise on the Star Princess for the Mexican Riviera from Jan 18th to the 25th (less than one week!) and was wondering if there are any facilities on board for transferring digital camera images to CD-R. It uses those Compact Flash cards and I'm debating on buying a few more in case I fill them up. Does anyone know if the Star has a photo center or somewhere that can transfer from CF to, ideally, CD-R?Thanks!

John P

I know that an older ship, Sea Princess, could create CD's for pax. But I am not sure of what format they could handle. Because Compact Flash cards are everywhere, I'm sure they could do the job. But then you did not ask about the cost.

With the low price of memory cards, It may be worth it to buy 3-4 cards and not bother with the high cost of the Photo Shop. Can't remember what the charge was, but I do recall it was VERY high compared to cost of new card on shore.

Try this link for more info: