Dining Question - NCL Star


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Hi gang..

We are crusing on NCL Star in November, can't wait. While I prefer traditional dining, Freestyle is OK.

In photos I have seen on cruisedeckplans.com the Versailles dining room looks nicer, a little more elegant than the Aqua dining room. Any thoughts?

Also, is it possible to make reservations for the Versailles main dining room for each night once we get on board? Same table...same waiter...same time each night...with the exception of the nights we might eat at Cagney's?



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I think you posted the same question on another site, but regardless here goes: you can make reservations but that takes away from freestyle in my view. If you do find a particular wait person or persons you like, of course do what works best for you. Both MDRs are fine, I am always inclined to like the smaller one better regardless of the ship. The smaller ones seem to give better service and are not nearly as noisy.



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Another site? You mean there's another site :biggrin: Nope, wasn't me.

Thanks for your reply Nita. We're not that fond of the "freestyle" dining. We like to have the same waiter, same table every night so I think we'll give that a try.

Thanks again!


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I LOVE NCL and their Freestyle Dining concept. I did notice that it was easier to get "assigned" to the same waiter / table in Aqua rather than Versailles, but that was just my experience. The food was great in both of the "free" dining rooms. And sometimes we'd have dinner in Aqua then go to Versailles for dessert. So fun!