dining rooms on Sapphire


Frank Black

I have three inside cabins on Sapphires Dec. 17 to December 24th pre-Christmas cruise. Two are at $599 and one is at $550. That includes all port and gov't taxes.

One more thing on the restaurants. The Star and Grand have three large dining rooms. Two are PC. When Sapphire and Diamond were built, they just cut those two PC dining rooms in half and had four. They had different decor. They shared a kitchen. Basically, Princess is just going back and standardizing the PC dining in the ships again. The food and menu are essentially the same now in all dining rooms. As with most other ships. As for reservations in PC, when I was on the Star most usual dining times were snapped up the first night. So if you called for a reservation for 7:30PM the second day, you were told no tables were available. So we just went down to dinner around 7:15PM and had a table in less than 10 minutes. There is a little trick though.


What is considered to be the "most popular" dining time as far as there being long lines at the PC dining room? When I find that out, I will go earlier or later! :)


Hi All,
I have a few questions about dining. Since we have a 12 and 14 yr. old, would it be better to just have a set table in the main dining room each night?
Can we ask for a table for 4 in both the main dining room? Also, in the PC dining rooms, are you seated with other passengers, or do they have many tables for 4?
Finally, which seating is best on this ship...we've always chosen late, but now with the kids...not sure what to do there.