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I'll be going on my honeymoon the week of May 18th on the Norway. I was wondering how to request a private table for late night dinner. We already are on the late night dinner schedule but I was wondering if I should wait until we arrive or call ahead to request just a two person table. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hey DJD,

As far as I know, you can't pre-request a table size on the Norway (or on Norwegian at all). You can call your TA and ask him or her, but I'm 99% positive. Your best bet is to get onboard and ask your Matre' De - I'm sure a tip would help, but some cruislines have tables for two and some don't. I know that Celebrity and Holland America have tables for two.


You can have your TA get you the email address for the Maitre D and you or your TA can email and request the 2 person table and you can explain why you want the table. It can be done we are doing this for a family reunion on another NCL ship and requesting the table size and time. NCL was the one that suggested we do this.

Have your TA get the email address from NCL.

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Be sure and check out dinner at LeBistro. They have tables for two there, and the food is superb. Get there early for a window seat.


We had the same question and I called NCL to ask. The NCL representative transferred me to Christina, who is supposedly in charge of dining reservations and she said I could either email her with our request or fax her. I got her email, but not her fax number.

I emailed her and received no reply (that didn't surprise me, because NCL never sends email replies), so I'm not positive that this "email request" will have worked, but it's worth a try!

Her name is Christina and her email is: diningnorway@ncl.com

Good luck!