Disappearances on RCCL

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Immediately quit cruising as you may be in grave danger from the crew and captain.
There is no doubt, a conspiracy amongst the cruise lines to " eliminate " so many passengers a year
with some sort of prize for the winner. Stay home and be very safe.


Current Affair - that is the biggest joke. Now if the FBI makes such a statement - then I might believe it.
We had a nine year old girl raped in broad day light right here in our mid size town, two people shot in the last two days and one died. And I guess you personally know this couple - to know their state of mind and were on the cruise with them??? Unless the answer to that is YES, then you know nothing but rumors.

$35,000 in jewlery stolen? Anyone who would carry that much around on a cruise needs their heads examined. I don't believe that for a minute. Someone is looking for a big Insurance Claim. And the only case in which I know of missing jewelry, was a friend of ours who LEFT her jewel case in the drawer and when she called home, they found it just where she left it. And yes, it was returned to her. Oh yes, and I lost a gold bracelet on an Alaskan Cruise and it was found and returned to me by the ships staff.

Security Guards, yes, they are on every R.C.I. ship. You are not supposed to see them, just like an air marshall.

If you are afraid to cruise, then stay home, bar you doors and hire your own security forse to keep you safe. Remember, you are not safe at the shopping center, on a bus, plane or train, or even in your own car. You might be car jacked. For goodness sake, stop trying to scare people from cruising.


Maybe we should boycott Alabama. They have 33 unsolved cases of missing females in the last 4 years and 19 of those were under the age of 20. Far less than Aruba. If you don't believe it look it up it is part of public records.


Now posted at http:\ www.safecruise.blogspot.com
Somali Pirate Demands Release of US-captured Comrades
Here is another reason to have trained, experienced, INDEPENDENT security/safety personnel on each cruise ship as will be demonstrated by Project Safe Cruise:
Jan 27, 2006  By Mohamed Ali Bile
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A Somali pirate has demanded the release of "comrades" captured by the U.S. Navy last week, threatening to kill hostages in the future if the call was not heeded, according to media reports on Friday.

US NAVY Captures Pirates
Only two days after Royal Caribbean (RCCL) changes their MURDER Mystery theme cruise to a PIRATE theme cruise, Pirates are captured per CNN.com on January 22, 2006:
U.S. destroyer chases down suspected pirate ship
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- The U.S. Navy boarded an apparent pirate ship in the Indian Ocean and detained 26 men for questioning, the Navy said Sunday.
Is Royal Caribbean profiting from George Smith's murder?
How insensitive can they be?
They let amateurs investigate a fake crime scene for 168 hours (7-day cruise). They only gave Dr. Henry Lee 4 hours to investigate a real murder. Maybe they should have bought him a ticket for the Murder.
CLICK Link below to see a list of cruise ship pirate attacks
RCL Changes Murder Theme Cruises to Pirate Theme Cruises (See the web pages below as they were before and after the change)

Can you believe this?
still offers mystery cruises in association with Royal Caribbean. After January 19, 2006 they now offer PIRATE Mystery Cruises. Before that date they offered MURDER Mystery Cruises. Besides changing the theme they have also removed offensive words like KILLER and CRIME and DYING and DEADLIER. And they have removed phrases like:
We finished our killer cruises for 2005!! But 2006 will prove to be even a deadlier year!
Partners in Crime (AKA- Travel Agents):
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We're DYING to have you join us!!
Enjoy an elegant vacation at sea, while MURDER and MAYHEM LURK all around you, and even INVOLVE YOU! As the clues unravel, try to solve the spectacular mystery of "whodunit"- before it's too late!
Future Murder Mystery Cruise Adventures
Special MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS offered by "Whodunit Productions" aboard five of Royal Caribbean International's most elegant ships.
We finished our killer cruises for 2005!!
But 2006 will prove to be even a deadlier year!
January 22, 2006
Our first murder mystery cruise of 2006 and we have a KILLER ship! The Voyager class ship the Mariner of the Seas. (Like you see in the RCCL commercials!) And we are so excited to announce our first itinerary sailing to the mysterious Virgin Islands and Bahamas. This 7-night sailing leaves from Port Canaveral Fla. and should not be missed!
You cruise all Sunday night. Monday you are in Cococay, Bahamas for the day. Nothing will happen aboard the ship at this time, so you won't miss any important clues. Then Monday night is Captain's Night and it is bound to be a beautiful, elegant & D E A D L Y night, for sure! Tuesday we are at sea with more mysterious happenings taking place around every corner. With Wednesday our last night ending with a Royal Caribbean hosted cocktail party to celebrate the Grand Super Sleuth Winner!

... are back on Sunday Morning!
Each cruise will have its own mysterious theme...
Sunday, Jan. 22nd Port Canaveral, Florida 5:00 PM
Monday, Jan. 23rd Cococay, Bahamas 7:00 AM 4:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan 24th At sea
Wednesday, Jan. 25th Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas 9:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday, Jan. 26th Philipsburg, St. Maarten 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Friday, Jan. 27th At sea
Saturday, Jan. 28th At sea
Sunday, Jan. 29th Port Canaveral, Florida 7:00 AM

Someone should interview passengers as they get off ship at Port Canaveral on Sunday, 1/29/06 including those who were part of the fake murder and those who observed a murder going on around them


Ho -hum.

Oh, go set up a meeting with your local authorities and see if you can assist in reducing the crime rate in your own home town. When that's all cleaned up, come back and talk to us.


Just casually browsing this discussion...

safecruise Wrote:
> Now posted at http:\ www.safecruise.blogspot.com
> Is Royal Caribbean profiting from George Smith's
> murder?

Could anyone actually believe that RC is profitting from Smith's murder? That is RIDICULOUS! They are under more public scrutiny than ever; people who listen to all this garbage are missing out on a wonderful vacation because of scare tactics; RC's stock is dropping rapidly; Everybody and their cousin is taking a shot on RC...

Come on....I'm not buying it.


We can accept the fact that people will disappear or go overboard while on cruise ships. And crimes and accidents will happen. What we cannot accept is the fact that in almost every single instance their is little or no proper investigation or preservation of evidence. There are few if any prosecutions and the surviving family members are given little or no information and will never have closure. This is why the families have formed internationcruisevictims.org to ask for effective legislation and improved safety and security procedures. While on a cruise vacation, American citizens have a right to have an independent law enforcement person on each ship that they can immediately report crimes and safety problems. It has been suggested that cruise ships are small floating cities. They should have law enforcement available just the same. The theme cruises would not be in such bad taste if it wasn't for the fact that real deaths and disappearances are not investigated properly and the families cannot know whether the cruise line did everything humanly possible to save their loved ones and they may never know exactly what happened. Mysteries may be good for books, movies, and television shows but they offer no comfort or closure to those who have lost loved ones. We offer our support and prayers to all families as they struggle to resolve the tragedies of the past. 44 persons overboard since the year 2000. That's too many.
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