Disaster on the Dawn Princess



Sailed from PR on February 8......Had Mechanical problem after leaving
Grenada....Apparently GENERATOR failed and trip to ARUBA was Cancelled...
people on ship had a fit....screaming in the bar area about how bad the cruise was...
Almost had a mutiny....cruise security had to come out....then the Italian Captain comes on the PA and says trip will end tomorrow at 6AM...he meant two days later...
he got his english confused....my lord the ship was in massive turmoil.....first mate had to correct the captain a few hours later.....WHAT A MESS!!!!.....people were going crazy for two sailing days.....REC people were not prepared and it got really boring......
My grades...food- excellent.....activities-poor....excursions--average...not enuff time to
shop and see islands.....Would I do it again....probably not.....My opinion...


It never ceases to amaze me when people complain about a port being cancelled. Yes, it was on the itinerary, but things happen. And if they would read their cruise tickets, they'd know that the line can cancel.

And, as for people who complain that there aren't enough activities? They can have the games, etc. I just want to sit and relax...


No ship, no cruise line is exempt from things going wrong sometimes. I'm grateful that things have gone right most of the time.


Who was the Captain? I just returned from back to backs on the Dawn Princess Jan 18 to Feb 1 and the Captain was Alan Wilson (born in Scotland) I've sailed with Capt Wilson before and can assure you he speaks perfect English.

I agree that missing a port isn't great but it happens sometimes. If you can't amuse yourself for "two whole days" you need to get out more. Also if the generator failed after Grenada why didn't you miss Isla Margaritta as that is the next stop after Grenada, not Aruba?



Good point Doug....I have a friend who works in the shore excursion office on the Dawn Princess and I think I'll email her and get the scoop.


Also was on the Dawn during mechanical problems. It would be very difficult to have a drunken fit on this ship as they ran out of White Zin, Tequila and Miller Lite. Ships Captain was Dino Sagani. We heard that he had just taken over duites the 8th of Feb. We felt that things just were not right with the crew - very blah. Also felt that the service was sub-standard, as well as the food.


Nothing but smooth sailing on the DAWN with Captain Wilson! Sorry new captain and passengers had to deal with such problems. Bad luck all the way around.


A disaster is when something tragic happens such as someone being hurt or killed or a ship in a hurricane. Missing a port isn't a disaster.


I agree..missing a port is not that big of a deal. My cruise on the Radiance of the Seas was not the happiest. We sailed from Fort Lauderdale on Sunday December 14th going West, got to Key West the next day, then Cozumel the next, but after that..we..as so many other ships sailing West that week, got caught in a storm that prevented us from getting off the ship after the stop in Cozumel, so we were, in fact, on the ship, in heavy rain from Tuesday night until we docked in Fort Lauderdale the following Sunday. The weather did clear up on our last day at sea..but the temps were only in the 60s for highs...and we too missed Grand Cayman due to the weather...but NO ONE got upset..and what would be the point of getting upset..nothing you can do in a situation like mine or yours.

Just let it go and look forward to planning your next trip. Since the December cruise on the Radiance, I took a group of 20 with me on the Explorer of the Seas going west and had GREAT weather...so not all is lost.

Hope this puts things in perspective for you.


Lady Jag

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CA - What'd you find out from your friend?


Morning all,

Just got back last night from New Orleans and a weekend FULL of Mardi Gras activities! Got LOTS of beads.

Haven't heard back from her, but will post her response as soon as I hear.


Folks, you just have to understand---in our spoilt rotten society today, no matter what happens, there is a segment of our population that fully expects someone to compensate them and do it right now. If the water is rough, the ship should not roll---if it does, someone owes them. If something happens that a port is missed, someone should immediately kiss their rear and hand out money.
Sorry , but it's true.

People who are well traveled know that sometimes things happen and also know how to handle it. People who travel little think they are supposed to complain at the least little thing that happens, and usually do so, loudly.


Holy cow.. I thought I was about to read about some real tragedy... glad that it was just ship troubles and a missed port.

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, and perhaps RCI will compensate you since the problems were ship related. IMO, though, we may not have control over things like weather and mechanical breakdowns, but we can always control our reactions to those events. I have experienced some bad weather on all sorts of vacations, and it's a matter of finding ways to enjoy your day.


Interestingly enough, the poster fails to mention that they received a $100 shipboard credit as a result of the missed port.


Poor little isle boy. I wonder why he hasn't been back. Does he realize how fortunate he is to even go on a cruise? Some people never go at all EVER!! Cry me a river, Isleboy