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Discounted Air to Europe?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by cruiztime, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    I have lost the information regarding the website for International (Europe) Discount Air Tickets.

    Does anyone know where I can find this website.:?

    I have just started to check out Baltic cruises and the airfare is quite high right now.

    Any suggestions:?

    Does anyone have any leads on good European cruise prices for 2006:? The prices have really gone up, guess this is the popular new cruise travel destination.

  2. wwinfl91

    wwinfl91 Guest

    Try checking out this site to look for flights. We ended up using Swiss Air for our flight home from London last year because their price was much cheaper than anything else we could find. The flight and service were great but since then they have been taken over by another airline.


    Have a great next cruise.
  3. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    Thanks. I had good luck getting a wonderful rate on Virgin Atlantic - $403pp roundtrip out of JFK.

    Received an email from airwatchdog.com about a computer glitch with travelocity. Said to book immediately because the rate would not be posted for very long. Right they were! I checked a lot of other sites and could not find the rate. Even Virgin Atlantic's own site had the same seats on the same flight for $856pp. I booked immediately and am very happy with my bargain. Next AM the rate was not available!

    Many thanks,

    Marion :wave
  4. gb52877

    gb52877 Guest


    How do you receive email from airwatchdog.com? I could not see where to sign up. I need cheaper air to London at the end of June. We are cruising July 1, 2006. Thanks for your help.

  5. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    I know I screwed up their name and address! As soon as I receive another email I will post their website. You can sign up at their site.

  6. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    OK, here's the link:


    Hope they are as useful for you as they were for me - I really got two for one prices.


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