Disney vs Carnival vs Royal Caribbean

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I am planning a cruise for Feb of 20. At time of sailing my kids will be 4 & 2. I am trying to decide between DCL, RC and Carnival. Disney seemed like a no brainier but they are shorter and I am afraid the water in the Bahamas will be too cold. RC and Carnival itineraries are much farther south with more interesting ports (from my perspective) and longer. I can get a Jr suite on RC or a grand suite on Carnival for the price of OV on DCL. Is DCL worth the extra cost? Any thoughs?

The ships are Disney Dream, independence of the seas, or carnival sunrise.


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Well ask the kids which ship they want and your decision will be cast in stone.
Kids that age are usually not that interested in ports, port is a port is a port, not like an adult perspective so the trade off I think would be have to spend more of your time making sure they are entertained, on a Disney ship the kid entertainment is built in 24/7 but they have a lot of private space as well. My thought is you are really down to getting a good bang for the buck because if the kids don't know they will not be cruising with Mickey Minnie Goofy and Donald they won't miss it. YOU HAVEN'T TOLD THEM HAVE YOU


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Both of the non Disney ship refurbished since 2018. Carnival to sail newly made over in April actually from what I just read.
So I would go with budget. If my budget is enough for Disney then I'd go for it. 2nd Choice would be RCL because I am familiar with their product. Carnival will be updated and the itinerary may be the deal breaker for you. Don't think with kids you could go wrong . As long as you haven't brought up Disney Like boB says. :grinnyangel: The kids might be a bit young for a lot of the stuff onboard any of the ships . Especially the 2 yr old. Consult a TA that deals with young families.