disney vs carnvial



trying to decide whether to take my granddaughter on disney vs carnival. she is only 5 and wonder if I should wait 2 more years. there are so many deals with carnival right now (which disney does not seem to have). is this a mistake?


Go for Carnival, she will love it. We took our granddaughter on Carnival when she was 3 1/2 , they have a great childrens program, they are really good with kids. She had a great time. We took her again when she was 5 and went on RCI . She is always asking when she hears the word vacation, if we can go on a cruise!!!! No need to pay extra for Disney, Carnival really does a good job with kids and the staff all treat them extra special. E-mail me if you have any questions I can help you with.

Laurie :candle


If money is no object, and the word "Disney" connotes wonderful times for children in your mind, then go for Disney. If, on the other hand, you are more practical minded, Carnival offers a comparable product at a more reasonable price, actually what I would call a competitive price. Disney is way, way, way over priced for what they offer. The only thing they offer that Carnival doesn't is a bunch of photo ops with Pluto, Mickey, etc. (and you're gonna pay handsomely for the photos). Bottom line is that you can take your kids on 2 Carnival cruises for what Disney is gonna charge you for one; it's your choice.


Disney is a lot of fun for the kids, no doubt about it. The folks get Mickeyed out after a few days. You don`t have as much as far as buffets and the entertainment is totally Disney. Don`t mean to sound down on them, we had the time of our lives on the Magic last year and will not forget it as it was our first cruise. And we don`t even have kids at home anymoreFor the price go with Carnival.


Sue Montgomery

We took my daughter (now 8) on her first cruise shortly after her 6th birthday. Carnival does a great job with Camp Carnival. This past summer we sailed on the Pride and our daughter would eat in the mermaid gril some nights so she could go to Camp Carnival when we went to our late sitting dinner. She enjoyed the activities and all the Carnival employees dote on children. Your granddaughter will have a great time -- take her on Carnival.


My kids have sailed on both Carnival and DIsney, and they do prefer Disney. Yes, Disney charges premium prices, but we have sailed with them twice and in our opinion it is worth the extra money. Hope to sail again with them on theri new western carib itinerary.

I have also heard about many kids loving the Program that Camp Carnival offeres, but as I said, my kids preferred Disney's program (but they actually love Royal Caribbean's Kids Program best of all!)


I recently did a comparison for a friend between the Disney Magic and the Carnival Pride - same sail date, same itinerary. It was an off-peak time (end of April, when all the kids were back in school), and the difference in price was astounding: $900+ on the Magic, $600+ on the Pride - that's 50% more! And remember, the adult activities are somewhat curtailed (no casinos in Disney ships); but there's something about the mouse that causes wallets to open! I agree with Sunshine about RCI's children's program. The kids had a ball on our Adventure of the Seas cruise last April (I spoke with several parents, including some who had cruised Disney - tons of fun for tons less money). If you don't mention Mickey, the children won't miss him. Camp Carnival has an excellent reputation. Save your money and take another cruise!