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Distance from Baltimore Pier to BWI Airport

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Stargazerm31, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    How far is it from the Baltimore pier to the Baltimore-Washington Airport. What would be the soonest you would recommend getting a flight after returning from a cruise at the Baltimore port?

    Thanks gang.
  2. Bungeeman

    Bungeeman Guest

    About 16 miles.

    Earliest I would recommend would be noon or later. You'll probably find yourself sitting at the airport for a couple of hours, but that's far better than missing your flight.
  3. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    14 miles, 23 minutes according to the Mapquest map at
    <http://maps.yahoo.com/py/ddResults.py?Pyt=Tmap&tarname=&tardesc=&osd=&newname=&newdesc=&dsd=&newHash=&newTHash=&newErr=&newTErr=&newFL=Use+Address+Below&newaddr=2700+Broening+Highway&newcsz=Baltimore%2C+MD+21222&newcountry=us&newTFL=Use+Address+Below&newtaddr=BWI&newtcsz=&newtcountry=us&Submit=Get+Directions> which is the link from the Port Authority website.

    The biggest problem in making a connection is the time you get off the ship. We spent hours waiting, and were not off the Galaxy till about 11:30am.
  4. tinytim

    tinytim Guest

    I almost screwed up bad when I went from Baltimore, cuz I forgot to look at return time of ship. Nearly every cruise I had been on got in at 7 am, so I figgered a departure around noon would be tons of time. EXCEPT cruise gets into Baltimore at like 9 am....and that's if it's on time. I BARELY made it.....and.....as luck would have it....the flight was delayed anyway....lol.

    Soooooo....I would suggest a later time and avoid the anxiety.
  5. Sea Nanna

    Sea Nanna Guest

    I would say it's about 30 minutes from port to airport. There is a lot of construction being done at BWI so you might want to add a little more time due to traffic jam ups.

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