Do ALL boys eat this much?



I have an only, a girl. She's 19, and eats very little. My DH eats 2 to 3x as much as me, as I'm not a big eater either. DH's BF comes over once a week for dinner, and the two of them can pack it away.

BUT, DD has friends that are guys that come over, and it amazes me how much they eat! Her ex-boyfriend (yes, he still comes over, they turned into friends) and her best friend (yes, a guy. Been BF's for years) come over and just eat everything I put out! It's amazing. If I know those two are coming over, I will cook 3x more than I would for just the 2 or 3 of us.

I know boys keep growing until they are 22 or so, but WOW! I don't know how families with 3 or 4 boys do it every day!

(But know this... this is not a complaint. I LOVE feeding people, and feeding her guy friends is a delight, and an eye opener!)


Oliver is a big eater. He is always hungry and always eating B). I think he has a hollow leg. :)


As the mother of 5 guys, the answer to your question is [size=x-large]YES[/size].

I once watched the 4 older boys pool their money, go to Pizza Hut and bring home 5 pizzas. When they were done, there were 4 slices left!


Yes boys and men can pack it away. My son and my dh both eat as if there stomachs were bottomless pits. It is amazing that when my son is here we will go through a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, 1/2 jar of peanut butter and a dozen eggs just about every day. I am in the habit of cooking enough for 6 people even though we are a household of 3 and I don't eat solid food! DH takes leftovers for lunch.



So true...

My 22 yr. old son is here with us for a short time, and now I am spending a lot more for food. Milk just seems to vanish!

The thing that amazes me, is how he get up in the morning and eat cold pizza....YUK!


I have 2 stepsons. The first one could eat like there was no tomorrow! The second was a pickier eater but still did his fair share.

The difference I have noticed between girls and boys is that boys will eat large quantities of one thing such as the pizza. Or they will eat a whole bag of potatoe chips. I think girls eat a lot as well, they just graze on lots of different things. A piece of pizza, a few chips, some cookies, a scoop of ice cream, a brownie.........

I always had to have more variety of stuff for my DD vs the stepsons. I had to have large quantities for them! LOL

Gayle V

Oh my goodness. The answer is a definite yes.

My best friend raised four daughters. While we had two boys. She could feed her entire family on the amount just one of my boys would eat.
We used to talk about it all the time, but I don't think she really believed me until recently.

She now takes care of her grandson, and feeding him has been quite an awakening for her. And he's still only ten. I laugh when I think she still has his teen years coming. I swear boys sit down to their eleventh birthday dinner, and don't quit eating again till their twenty five. :lol


I guess I have two really strange sons. They don't eat that much.

I always thought boys ate like there was no tomorrow, but my oldest DS is just the opposite. He has the whole family eating only whole grain rice, multi-grain pasta, fresh fruit, no mayonnaise on sandwiches, only tiny amounts of salad dressing, etc. He goes through a lot of yogurt and 100 calorie packs, but that's about it. You'd think with him around, I'd lose weight!! :lol

My younger son lives for pizza, but doesn't eat massive quantities of it. =dunno And, a gallon of milk lasts us about 8 days. =dunno


My sons were both big eaters! The oldest started ordering 2 kids meals when we would go out to eat about the time he turned 5. We easily went through a gallon of milk a day(if not more) I bought 4 gallons at a time. They are both on there own now, milk often goes to waste now.