Do I want early or late seating for dinner? Argh!



We picked early seating for all the reasons previously mentioned....but the big reason for we are tired after spending the day in the hot sun. It wears you out!!!

Anyway....let me express something I saw on the Explorer and was really annoyed with please.....
People who had the early seating would arrive at say...7 O'clock instead of 6.
I felt sorry for the rest of the people at their table and especially their wait staff.
The staff had to hurry around so that they got their meal quick enough to be done and out of there before the next seating arrived. How inconsiderate!!!
Has anybody else seen that?????? We noticed it at more than one table several times during the cruise.
There really is no excuse for that, because I agree....your back on the ship in plenty of time to get ready for the early dinner.
Well...thanks....I feel better now.....eheheheheh


I always choose late dining....just don't like to have to rush back from shore, shower and dress for early dining. Late dining works just fine for me/us, and there were times we went to the show before dinner. The shows are not my priority. My time is.



Don't be suprised if after a day or two, your daughter dosen't eat dinner with you any longer. The teens generally seem to make friends real quick on board, and they want to be off and doing their own thing without mom and dad. Alot of them meet and have dinner together in the Windjammer.


We always take the early seating. There is time to shower and change after getting back to the ship from a shore excursion.

The early seating allows you to spend a leisurely evening at the show, the piano bar (Schooner Bar) or what have you.

I have been on some cruises where the late seating did not emerge from the dining room until 10:30 pm. That is not for me.

If you do happen to take a shore excursion that stays out later than your dinner hour, there is always the Windjammer Cafe for dinner.



GloBug, I've been on the Monarch twice and had early dinner both times. Once was a 7-nighter in the Caribbean and the other a 3-nighter out of L.A.

I think early is way better on that ship because of the nighttime activities. Especially on the 3/4 nighters out of Los Angeles, all the fun stuff happens during second-seating.

The karaoke, trivia contests, wierd (I don't know what they call some of those games) stuff. The poolside band and the salsa in Boleros is all going during that time. They also have the Dueling Pianos show.

After 10, things start quieting down and maybe only the Crown Lounge disco is still going on.

There is usually a nighttime poolside rock and roll party that is lots of fun.

I think you'll be missing out on a lot of stuff if you take late seating.

Have fun and take care, Bill


Oh, and Catalina, San Diego and Ensenada are all early departure ports so you won't have any trouble getting back in time for dinner. The ship will likely sail at 5 and dinner isn't until 6.