Do the ship's officers dine with the passengers?


Dancing Queen

I was just wondering if there were particular cruise lines or ships where the ship's officers dine with the passengers. When I cruised on Princess in Personal Choice dining this didn't happen. Anybody have any info???


I don't believe this is a practice any longer. A few years ago we were invited to dine at the captain's table in the dining room along with 4 or 5 other couples. This was on the Celebrity Horizon. We have since cruised on Celebrity, RCCL, NCL, and Carnaval but have not seen any evidence of this practice being still in effect. Besides you can barely understand most of the officers anyway. It was kind of boring.


We have dined at the Captain's table on our last couple cruises on Celebrity - the last was in September. This was the introductory sailing of the new "rebranding" and there was a Head table almost every night that was hosted by one of the Officers.

I think this is an excelent idea and a way for many more people to have this special experience.



We dined at the Captain's Table on the Galaxy on the 2/3 cruise. We were told that every formal night, the "Captain's Table" is full. We had the Hotel Manager with us, instead of the Captain.

Bob from PA

Never did the "Captain's table" but on each of our two Seabourn cruises, the most recent being Alaska last fall, we were at various "crew hosted tables" such as the First Officer's table, the Cruise Director's table, a couple "entertainers'" tables, the "medical staff" table and so on. Other than Seaborn, however, we have seen very little evidence of the old custom. On the other hand, we always dine at main (early) sitting and maybe miss it.

Once, on the Celebrity, however, the Captain joined a couple of our youngest grandchildren and their fellow junior cruisers for hot dogs at their "pajama party" which I thought was really neat!