Do you have a cruise booked?

Do you currently have a future cruise booked?

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Yes! I have 2 cruises booked, one in Oct on the Westerdam,and
another book next Feb. on the Equinox, I am going with a group,
maybe you have heard of them "Cruise Addicts;)


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Cool feature.

We have two booked... one for April vacation (E. Med/Norwegian Jade) and one for the summer (W. Caribbean/Carnival Fantasy).


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We just canceled our 10 day Alaskan cruise for this September because our oldest furbaby isn't doing too well :( .............but he is worth it! :)
Not to worry we have 3 booked for February, May and October 2010 :D


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We have nothing planned right now:bawl: I think we're in a transition stage, since we're concentrating on where we want to retire. I'm not sure I can go much longer than a year without a cruise. I do know that I'm ready for something other than our typical winter Caribbean 7 day cruise. Our 2/09 cruise had an itinerary change due to ship malfunctions and that was a big disappointment since we really wanted to see the Panama Canal and didn't:bawl:. Plus our luggage was lost on the flight home:bawl: I would like to plan something further out (next summer?). Maybe European cruise or maybe Bermuda, which I've never been to. Or maybe it's time for a really big adventure like visiting my brother in Guam??? :confused:


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No, we have no cruise booked; have not been able to cruise in nearly 4yrs. However, depending on the outcome of a Pet Scan in Sept we may try for a spring cruise.