Do you have a cruise booked?

Do you currently have a future cruise booked?

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We have 2 cruises booked. One for Nov. on the Noordam and one for Jan. '11. Would love to sail on your cruise Niecez. That sounds like a great itinerary. All those sea days will be awesome!!!


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Do we have a cruise booked?

Of course, we always have a cruise booked. If we didn't, I'd have withdrawals.

10 day repo on Jewel of the Seas, Boston to Miami 10/27/09


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Not yet. I'm waiting to see how my project goes. Hopefully this fall I'll have something booked. I might take one in late Oct/ early Nov.


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Oosterdam, Volendam, Silver Whisper and Crystal Symphony in 2010.

I'm just waiting for HAL to open the books for 2011 and we'll have our next Duck Crew cruise on Veendam/Bermuda in Spring 2011. I'm also eyeing Antarctica and Alaska on Crystal Symphony in February and summer 2011 respectively.


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Yes, we do. In fact, we have five cruises booked. The countdown is on for October 27! My signature only shows four - only four are allowed by this website.


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Yupper! We leave in just 14 days's! And if they have "Ghost-Booking's" upon the "Fascination" we may take advantage of it for our 25th wedding annv. cruise!

Cruise cutie

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:D..2 SEA cruises..

14 days Princess October 2010 Canada/New England,
4 months later ..

February 2011 -Reprise!!we loved the first one so much!!

Emerald Princess 20 days February 2011..

and :banana:..we leave in 133 days for 14 days land cruise in Aruba..I cannot sanity is vacations!!!!!!..Joanne