Do you have a cruise booked?

Do you currently have a future cruise booked?

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I have a sail date of 7/10/2010 on the Carnival Ecstasy. If time was no problem, I would have booked a 7 night cruise instead of the 5 night on Ecstasy.


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January 2010 winter getaway, 10 days on the Ruby Princess... as always a much needed break from our winters.

Will do something in May, but it is still in the air. Am eyeing a NYC roundtrip on the Caribbean or Panama canal transitioning on the Sea Princess, FLL to SF. Decisions decisions.


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Hi John - I was able to finally book a cruise today!!!! I head out in 3 weeks for a b2b on Princess Sapphire to Mexico. I also am planning a cruise to Hawaii and will be booking soon.

WOO HOO!!! 2 Cruises on THE DREAM!!!!!!!!

My Mom and i will be cruizing on the DREAM, Dec. 3rd 2009, and I will be cruising again on the DREAM, with my husband & son, Oct. 2nd, 2010! Michele


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We're working on it. I have over 174 hours of vacation time saved up. That's over a month! Problem is I can never get time off approved to go cruising. :confused:

We're hoping to go over Thanksgiving.