Do you have an extra prayer?



I was off Tues - Thurs for my annual candy making/cookie baking. Friday when I was back to work one of my work girlfriends asked me if someone had told me what happened to her. I said no. She told me Wed night she was sick and had been coughing up blood and clots for a half hour or so. I asked if she went to the hospital and she said it stopped. Thursday morning it started again.

Her husband of 6 months took her to the walk-in clinic at a nearby hospital. After sitting for 3 hours and no one saw her - they left. I have worked with her for about 8 years.

Yesterday morning I got a text from my boss. She had gotten sick again and her DH took her to a different hospital. Diagnosis - She has terminal lung cancer - given 6 months to live. This woman is about 48 years old. She is a heavy smoker. For 8 years, she would start coughing and I would say "Sue - quit smoking." She would say I know.

Her daughter graduated last year. My heart is so heavy for her and her family. Christmas will have a sad feeling this year. Please pray they get thru this with the least amount of pain and sorrow possible.


How very sad. I do hope they have the strength to get thru the rough days ahead, it will be hard.

Cruise cutie

I Could just *FEEL that one coming*.. boy oh boy.. I am so sorry.. Truly.. It's been a litany of unreal amounts over the years..and my heartfelt prayers, and wishes for your friend and her family..If I could wave a wand, or twitch my just crunched for you.. take care Tina, and just be there for them.. course as you and I know.. it's going to get nasty..hug Honey..we are always here for you...:(...Joanne


I am so sorry to hear this. There is always an extra prayer, and your friend will have that as long as she needs it.

red stripe

I am so sorry. I will say a prayer for her, her family and her friends.

I saw your response in the Einstein thread on the aft deck, so came over. I knew what I would read, and prayed it was not you. Yes, that is selfish of me. but in a way.. I know you, so it would have been harder.

My field was Respiratory Therapy. I saw it all. :((

I also had the uncle that brought me up die of lung cancer. and also within 6 months. He was the second uncle of mine to die that way. I also have lost a few friends to it also. A young man in Houston Texas, with a family. a friend in another place...

to get graphic for the smokers out there.. while knowing in my heart that you have to want to stop.. no amount of preaching will help.
But when I flew home for my uncles funeral, I had to repaint their bedroom walls. I will leave it to your imagination why.

So I am against smoking BIG time.

Yet I never nagged Einstein or my former husband. only because I know it does not work

At one time I worked in an older hospital, in Clovis NM. There was no "wall oxygen" outlets, we had to wheel in "H" cylinders of O2 into a patients room.

I have had the patient that would get the nursing staff to call down because they were panicked because the gauge on the tank said 1/4 full.
I would come up and reassure the patient that at a few litres of O2 by nasal cannula, they had hours to go, and that we would check constantly and not allow them to run out.
I have changed a tank in that same patients room, only to get a call from that floors head nurse a few min later.. telling me that Mr (or Mrs.) xxx wanted me to go up and REMOVE the tank from the room so they could smoke!

So unfortunately, no amount of begging, pleading, nagging will cause someone to stop.
They have to WANT to stop. It is a horrible addiction, and I hate the cigarette companies that knew the dangers, yet still pressed (and still press) their product.

Sorry, a rant on something that I feel very strongly about.

My heart goes out to you, and to all who have had a loved one or a friend taken by this cruel disease


Prayers and positive thoughts that they enjoy the time together and cherish this season.


Oh I am so sorry to read this...what a tragedy for that family and for their friends. I will remember them in my prayers.


I know, Red, that's one rant I simply can't quit, and most likely never will. That being said, lots of prayers are on the way for your friend, as well as her family, because I know what they're facing. Miracles still happen.


My prayers and best wishes go out to her and her family. Just found out my youngest DD Jenny has a bad case of bronchitis...she is a smoker and I wish she'd give up this very nasty habit!