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Do you have room for even more prayers, please?


connie seabee

Hucc, My Easter Prayers go out to you and your brother Jeff. May you both be blessed, and may the treatments rid you of this awful turmor.


Prayers, positive thoughts and hugs go out to everyone that needs them. :loveya

Glad to see that Hucc was able to post, get well soon.

Hope that Leatherneck had a good night last night and is on his way home.


OMG......this is certainly bad and sad news. Hucc, his brother, Jeff and their families are in my prayers.


An update on Jeff - he was discharged from the hospital late this afternoon. He's been fitted with a back brace to relieve the pressure on his spine from the tumor. The treatments for this tumor supposedly have a 90% success rate. Treatments for the metastatic colon cancer will continue at least through June. Hopefully, those tumors will have shrunk enough to allow surgery.

Your continuing prayers are very much appreciated by the family and by me.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann -(and Hucc and your brother and Jeff) Miracles happen every day. I am completely astounded by medical science. Every single day there are new advances to help people that had no hope even a few months before. I speak from knowledge; I would NOT be here but for those advances. So again, never give up. There is always hope and each new day brings further knowledge of treatments to treat diseases. Prayers continue for all.