Do YOU spend much time in your stateroom?



I thought I would be labeled as anti-social for knowing that I would be spending time in the room - with a balcony, why wouldn't I want to? I think all my breakfasts will be on the balcony!


I have yet to have a Balcony on the past 2 cruises I have taken. BUT I have 2 cruises booked both with Balcony's. So I plan on useing them... Can anyone tell me how private the Balcony's on the Radiance are... Thanks


GF and I had our first balcony cabin on the Conquest last November.
We were travelling with several other couples so we were pretty much on the go all the time, which is usually the way we are anyway.

But we always made sure we made alone time for us and that almost always included the balcony. I would get up every morning and go the the buffett and make a plate and get coffee and we would eat breakfast out there . A few afternoons on at sea days we would just sit out there and unwind for a few hours maybe having a drink. and then for a while before bed we would go out there and just enjoy the ocean before turning in..

The previous posters were right I don't think we would have done all that with an inside cabin.

Plus i am a smoker and GF is not so everytime I wanted a cigarette i would go out there so I didn't smoke her out *LOL*

That of course was just us , every one is different , Go and enjoy and just go with the flow. and do what feels like fun at the time.

Have a great time



Hey GloBug,

LOL! You haven't even gone yet and you're already hooked as bad as the rest of us !!

Your 4-day cruise on the Monarch will be the perfect time to book a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise on the Legend!

You'll get a shipboard credit for booking onboard and you can transfer the booking to a discount TA when you get back.

Make sure you sign up for the Crown and Anchor society when you get on the ship. The coupons and discounts and the magazine they send you help keep the daydreams fuelled up.

Ocean view rooms on the Legend and Vision are much larger than those on the Monarch. The Mexican Riviera is a great bargain and a fun, fun cruise.


I booked a balcony on a 3 day 4-03 and still felt like I had time to enjoy it.
Just the view from the room, the sounds of the ocean made it totally worth it.
If you entertain or have mutiple people in your room, it gives you a feeling of spaciousness...
I was with myself, had a few guests over,
but could hardly tear myself away....
I usually do least expensive inside and have been very fortunate
re: the "upgrade fairy."


Cruisekitty.. you go on the Monarch TOMORROW! I am so jealous of you! But I still have my cruise starting soon, and with only 50 days until my vacation starts (and 52 until the cruise!) I am enjoying the countdown.

Is it only Mexican cruises I can sign up for on board? Could I sign up for an Alaskan cruise? That's the one we really want...


As far as I know, you have the opportunity to book whatever you want. Definitely take advantage of the offer... worst case is you have to cancel, and its completely refundable.


Glo, of course you can book any future cruise.

I only meant to suggest the Mexican Riviera since it's a wonderful 7-day cruise and actually a low cost one as well. For Southern California cruisers it's nice to avoid the air travel as well. Plus the Vision of the Seas and the Legend of the Seas are larger and even more beautiful than the lovely Monarch.

If you're booking Alaska, why not try Aug.22,2004 on the Serenade and join us?

We're looking forward to a new destination and a new ship.

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The Radiance balconies are pretty private except for deck 7, where the balcony partitions do not extend the length of the balcony and a smaller partition is in place, so if you want to look straight down over the rail, your neighbours will be right beside you. Otherwise, I think the balconies are about as private as they go.

I love spending time in my stateroom! My sister and I shared one on Voyager and Radiance, an atrium on Voyager and a balcony on Radiance. We spent a lot of time in each....people watching from our promenade view on Voyager.....but we much prefer the balcony and loved our stateroom on Radiance. It was quite amazing to relax on your bed and watch the scenery go by in Alaska, sitting there surrounded by mountains! That was incredible. While it was often chilly on the balcony in Alaska, it was still where we spent a lot of much to see, especially wildlife! Balcony cabins are the best!