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Docs for Maasdam Arrived!

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Stargazerm31, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    Got our docs for the Maasdam Friday. We got the great room 000! LOL I think it is on deck 1. LOL As long as I get on the ship, that is all that matters. They can put me anywhere they want.

    To sail7seas, thanks for all your help in answering questions. It has been greatly appreciated.
  2. lougee1043

    lougee1043 Guest

    have you done the document dance yet?????? its the greatest feeling to actually have docs in hand---
  3. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    Congrats on the Docs! We're looking for ours but think it'll be a couple of months yet.
  4. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Doc Dance Time!! :dance :dance :dance Congrats on getting those docs! :cheers
  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Congrats on getting your docs, John. I'm very excited for you as I KNOW you are going to have a wonderful time.

    I sincerely hope you love that ship as much as we do. It's allabout the people on MAASDAM.........they are a terrific crew IMO

    Hope you'll post some comments when you return.

    Blue skies...calm seas....Have a great time.

    (I won't burden you with a lengthy list of all the great people onboard I'd love to send greetings to...:) LOL )

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