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Does Celebrity shut down after late seating?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by goldie, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. goldie

    goldie Guest

    Ok, I am hearing that Celebrity is quiet as a mouse after late seating dinner. Is this true? I hope not!! I want to paint the town! (well, the ship)

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  2. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Hi Goldie,

    Most evenings you have the late show at about !0:00 P in the Showroom. Gambling is available from about a half hour from leaving port until the wee hours in the morning. The disco wll begin cranking up at about 11:00 P. Music in the piano bar and other lounge areas. Snacks will be served around midnight in the lounge areas. I know that on the Millennium the sushi bar is open very late. It's been my experience that there is quite a bit of scheduled activity on deck when the weather is warm. I don't think that you will have any trouble finding something to do on board, just check your daily schedule each night to see what is going to be happening the next day.

  3. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    but as with any cruiseline and purhaps moreso with Celerity cruises longer than seven days usually attract an older crowd. I have seen me and the boss the only ones in the nightclub after midight. BTW even we don't do tht that often.. lol. There are better options if you really are serious about being able to party hardy and paint the ship red.
  4. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    We have cruised on several of Celebrities ships and the only time it was like that was on the Zenith out of Tampa in mid May. Mid- may in Tampa seemed to bring out a much older and quieter crowd. School was in session and so no families. The Zenith is a smaller ship and I guess at least on that cruise it brought out the retired crowd. On all our other sailings like on the Century and the Millie it was not anywhere close to that quiet! The disco, bars casino and even Cova Cafe were very busy until the wee hours. Just curious, what ship are you going on and what time of year?
  5. goldie

    goldie Guest

    I am going on the Galaxy that leaves THIS Friday!!!!!!
  6. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You will be fine, it is a very nice ship with plenty to do. Have a great time :wave
  7. jowhitt

    jowhitt Guest

    Oh Goldie, we are so glad you will be joining us on this cruise. We have a huge group of Seniors (about 900 of us) booked and looking forward to it. did I mention that we are all members of the American Abstinence Movement? I hope you will be able to join us for tea and shuffleboard after dinner each night. :)
  8. goldie

    goldie Guest

    i actually love to drink tea......I knit, too. I am serious!!!!!!!
  9. toban

    toban Guest

    We just returned from a 14 day southern caribbean cruise on the Zenith. We pretty much enjoyed everything except for our cabin (9048) that had an overpowering stench of urine and the fact that the Zenith turns into a ghost ship shortly after midnight, without fail. We had a very high number of seniors.
  10. BP

    BP Guest

    We just came back from the Summit and most venues were crowded way past midnight. Remember a lot of people have early wake up calls in the mornings for scheduled tours.
  11. goldie

    goldie Guest

    I must say that I have returned from the 2/20 Galaxy and it WAS a Ghost Ship after midnight!!!!!!!!
  12. milosmom

    milosmom Guest

    I don't know about the Galaxy, but we were on her sister ship, the Century earlier this month, and we had a blast well into the wee hours almost every night. I think it just depends on the demographics of whose on the ship.
  13. Wheels

    Wheels Guest

    Have only been on Celebrity twice. Mercury in March of 2000 which had a great late
    night crowd and January 2002 on the Millie which although not dead was decidedly
    quieter. We loved Celebrity and any month would be a great time.
  14. idssms

    idssms Guest

    The casino and bars will stay open as long as there are willing participants. I have been there til 4 am!!!
  15. pmatch

    pmatch Guest

    Hi Toban!
    Are you sure that was urine you were smelling? Did you have a cloth shower curtain in the bathroom? When we were on the Ocean Princess in 2001 we had the same problem. It wasn't urine but mildew on the shower curtain. We bought Lysol spray at a port and sprayed down the curtain. It took the smell away.
  16. toronto21

    toronto21 Guest

    Wowo the games did not finish in the disco till 1 am then the regualr disco music started it was the most filled cruise we have ever had ............and we are 26 in age!.the constellation was the most filled of any
  17. nimiq

    nimiq Guest


    was only one 1 celebrity cruise and our group age was in early 30ies ...The Mercury was our second runner up in the cruise that we had a blast well into the wee hours almost every night .

    Actually was the first cruise that we went to the disco every single night and had a blast.

    But so far none have beat the Golden Princess

    sea ya

  18. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    No... but I do.


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