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Does HAL ever....

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Lady Jag(Bobbie)

I'm new to HAL and was wondering if they are pretty consistent with lowering their prices closer to cruise time like Princess and RCI. Other cruise lines tend to charge high prices about a year or more out and then drop them drastically about 2-3 months before the sail date. Is it that way with HAL too? I'm not expecting a decrease in price, but it would be nice. :)

Thanks for the help!


HAL lowers prices as sailing dates draw near ( see some of the travel sites such as Uniglobe or CruiseDirections for "Flash Sale" offers). However, the lower fares are nearly always offered to new bookings only. If it's past final payment date, you're out of luck. However, If it is prior to final payment, your TA may be able to browbeat them into the lower rate without canceling and rebooking (In which case you'll likely lose your cabin choice). There are occasinal inconsistencies. In my last experience HAL refused my request for the lowered fare. The date was well prior to final payment and @ 15% less than my rate. However, HAL offered to change my booking from a Cat I cabin to guaranteed outside for 30% less, and we ended up in a much better Cat C location. (FYI, a Cat I is an outside cabin priced at inside rate due to an obstructed view.) I should add that, with a few exceptions, HAL's outside cabins are identical, so a guarantee is often the best value for price. Of course the same is true of inside staterooms if you don't mind the perpetual dark.


On every occasion that we have found a lower rate for a cruise we have already booked, we have always gotten the reduced rate by merely having our TA request it.....ONLY when it occurs PRIOR to final payment.

We currently have six cruises on HAL and we have gotten a reduction of our original fare on three of them....ALL PRIOR to final payment.

Lady Jag

Thank you both for your answers. Sorry it took me so long to get back to the board! I do appreciate the help though! :)


I just checked HAL's site & found a 5% reduction for our May cruise to Alaska. Since I have not made our final payment yet - I expect the rate will be lowered for us - does anyone know?


Be sure to ask for the lower rate - many TA's do not automatically check and/or give them to you because they will get a lower commission.