Dog sled tour



Has anyone tried the dog sled tours?? Do they run on snow or just land grassy areas? How long did the trip last and how much did this cost??


By "the dog sled tours" which ones do you mean?

There are several of each variety being run during the summer season in Alaska. Since, contrary to popular belief, the State isn't completely frozen over in the summertime, you have to read and understand the tour descriptions to know what you're getting. Anything with a "wheeled sled" or in a "sea level summer camp" will be a demonstration and/or ride on dirt/grass/gravel. The "wheeled" tours typically cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per person, depending on duration, how many folks, etc...

The much more popular dog-sled tours are run in Juneau and Skagway, and feature a helicopter flight high above town and onto the Juneau Ice Field. There are several seasonal camps that are on the snow and ice (actually, some close by early September when too much snow has melted there too!) These tours will typically run between $400 and $600 per person, because you're paying for upwards of an hour of helicopter flightseeing time as well as a tour conducted by crews living in tents on a glacier all summer long.

Note that for either type of tour, you're not likely to be "mushing" yourself. The dog-teams are double-hauled and you'll have a passenger seat on either the lead or the following sled. For most folks, this is far and away the most expensive excursion they'll take in any port on an Inside Passage cruise. It's also the "highlight" of many thousands of vacations every year.

Happy Alaska Travels!