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dollars to euros exchange



where is the best place to exchange dollars to euros, ship? find a bank in european port?. Ill be on the brilliance of the sea, and thought i read where the ship is the best
place to exchange????any advice? thank you


AAA told us that using an ATM and credit or debit cards are better than exchanging. Haven't gone yet, so I can't confirm. Good luck. We go on May 31 on the Galaxy (Rome to Rome). Maybe we'll see you there! Sharon


I was in Germany in October and found that the ATM's definately had the best exchange rate and you do not get charged fees by the European machines either (although your bank here may charge you for using an ATM that is not theirs). Just be sure to have a 4 digit PIN and to know it in numbers not in letters as most European ATM keypads do not have letters on them.


We cruised on the Brilliance Barcelona RT last summer it was wonderful. We took private tours or toured on our own. A private tour of Rome is expensive but what a difference. You do twice as much and aren't too tired to enjoy diner and the entertainment.
I found that using a debit card at ATM,s was the best way to get Euros. The ATMs at banks charge no fee and my bank doesn't either. The exchange rate is the best.