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dolphin adventures in Cozumel

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Joe Cool, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Joe Cool

    Joe Cool Guest

    I just read a very negative experience with the dolphin adventure in Cozumel. Can others tell me about their experience and if it worth the $160.00 per person.
  2. BamaBelle

    BamaBelle Guest

    We used dolphindiscovery.com last year and it was wonderful. We did the dolphin swim and there were two dolphins that pushed and pulled you through the water. You kissed them and did tricks with them. They limit the group to 8 people so everyone gets enough time with them. And yes, they did sell a video and pictures and t-shirts, but we didn't feel pressured to buy. We wanted all that stuff to remember a wonderful time. It was awesome...best thing we did on the entire trip!!! I highly recommend it!!
  3. Chris S

    Chris S Guest

    If it is my reveiw you are referring to it is not regarding the Cozumel location. However they are now owned by the same company. The experience that Bamabelle has described does not exist at the location in Antigua. If it were close to that described experience then I would have nothing to complain about.

    Caveat Emptor

  4. BamaBelle

    BamaBelle Guest

    No, mine was definitely in Cozumel. Go to dolphindiscovery.com and check it out. Our experience was just like what they advertise, but it was over a year ago...things could have changed but I sure hope not...I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.
  5. dwll

    dwll Guest

    Do you have to pay to just go and watch? My kids and a friend are signed up, If I have to pay a significant amount just to watch them, I might as well do it too. thanks

    FLBRATT Guest

    I did this adventure in April of 2004. I had a blast with the dolphins and the sealions. It was well worth the money for my 14 yr old son and I.
    We did the same as what bamabelle said......we had a wonderful time!!!!
  7. BamaBelle

    BamaBelle Guest

    When we did our dolphin swim, you could go along and watch from the pier above and even take pictures if you wanted to. But you should swim too...it was soooo much fun!!
  8. lianajerry

    lianajerry Guest

    How much was the video if you can remember
  9. BamaBelle

    BamaBelle Guest

    I think it was around $50, but I don't remember exactly. It's very professionally done for such a short time. By the time you're out of the water and dressed, they have taken the video and set it to music and put everyone's name in the credits. It will have everyone in your group on it (only about 8 people). I think it was well worth the price.

    FLBRATT Guest

    Yeah it was around $50.00 I couldn't see spending that much. All though we bought a ton of the pics!
  11. Personally, I did not think it was worth it. Yes, we had fun, but we had a not so great experience. I posted on cruisecritic.com..........not sure if I did on here or not. Anyway, we booked a package deal that included a swim with the seals ( seal ) and a swim/snorkel with a dolphin. The seal part was fun. We had a small group and there was no pressure to buy the video or the WAY over-priced photos. ( $28!) Then, later that day we did the dolphin swim/snorkel. We had a huge group and a large amount of time was spent getting everyone in their lifejackets and snorkel equipment and then dividing everyone into groups of 8. Our tour was supposed to be 45 minutes. I'd say all total we were maybe in the water with our dolphin for 25 minutes. We had lots of wasted time forming lines and waiting to get into the water. The whole thing was way too touristy for my taste and seemed like it was one big push to get you to buy the video and photos. I know others on here don't feel that way. This was just our experience. After our short time with the dolphin, we had several pushy guys directing us into a room lined with chairs. They wanted us to sit and watch the video. Maybe it was just our lucky day, but these guys were very pushy and for me it took away from the fun. Anyway, based purely on the fact that our time was cut short and the cost was high, I wouldn't do this tour again. Yessssssss the dolphins are great fun, but I feel as if it was a been there, done that kinda tour. And, I'll add that I NEVER expected I'd say that after doing this tour. I was SO psyched about doing this!!! The entire experience just didn't live up to my expectations. If you're really wanting to do the dolphins, do the Royal Swim. I havent seen anyone complain about that. Maybe they just over-sold our swim/snorkel and that made it a rip?
  12. I, too was a little disappointed in the dolphin adventure. I was really looking forward to this. I had tried to book the royal swim, but it was sold out. I felt that it was quite expensive ($12/pp to get into the park and $99/pp for the adventure. The weather was not great and we had to wait about 45 minutes for the lightening to pass. No one told anyone why we were waiting. It was cloudy and sprinkling, but none of us saw any lightening, so we were just all standing around. I thought dolphindiscovery was unorganized and chaotic. Maybe they were having staffing problems. Anyway, our dolphin trainer was good, and the dolphins were adorable. My family felt it left a little to be desired, and didn;t have a lot of time with the dolphins. Also, had the same experience regarding the videos. We were trying to leave, and they insisted we watch the video, and were directing all the people into different rooms, etc. Wasn't bad, but not our favorite excursion and we were a little disappointed. 5 people x $112 and we had much more fun at the stingrays with Captain Marvins at $30/pp.... Also, would not do it again.
  13. Hey JerseysMikeJill :)

    We had the same kind of weather experience..........did you happen to sail July 4th on the Conquest? I agree with you 1000% about Captain Marvins being a MUCH better deal and more fun than dolphin discovery. We did a package tour that included the dolphins and seals and I believe the total cost for the two of us was around $272. I also agree with you that the place was chaotic and unorganized. I was really expecting this to be the highlight of our cruise. It wasn't.
  14. pnorth

    pnorth Guest

    You must stick to the Royal Swim like bamabelle says, you get to interact more with the dolphins and the group is small. The swim and snorkel is not worth the money IMO. I also purchased the video to share with my son who chose to do the atv tour. He really regretted not going with me for the royal swim!!! So, guess we have to go again... Next March to be exact. Also your family can watch for free. They even let one ladies husband, who was not participating in the swim, to stand right with her and take pictures from the little pier.

    Post Edited (07-21-04 18:39)
  15. BamaBelle

    BamaBelle Guest

    Definitely do the Royal Swim...the other things are just interacting with the dolphins and it's not worth it. On the one we did, we were pushed and pulled through the water by the dolphins...almost as if we were skiing on dolphin noses...awesome. Also, maybe they've changed things since we were there, but we were never put in a room to watch the video. They were playing the video in the background in the gift shop, but we were never pressured to buy it...we wanted it. Who knows if we'll ever do it again...but we will if the opportunity comes up.

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