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Dolphin Mini-suite D322 On Caribbean Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Terispist2, May 28, 2004.

  1. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Hello.........Here I am again with questions. Since I`m new to Princess I was wondering if anyone has any info on this room. I would like to know about it`s location. A good location, fair, or poor? Also the balcony......is it private or open on both sides. The seating arrangement........are there lounge chairs or just chairs and a table? Do mini suite cabins receive any extra frills or is that just for suite and penthouse cabins? Ok I think I better stop the questions........don`t want to seem like a bother. Most people probably think.........why not wait and be surprised...........oh yeah right not a chance been there done that.............not to happy. Me I like to know what i`m in for. Thanks.

  2. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Hi..........today I received my princess brochure however, I`m unable to get the answers to my questions. I would appreciate any feed back. I looked on cruise-critic today for the first time. A little scarey..........thought princess would have a greater write up from what I have been told on here.

  3. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    You are in a great location on one of the best decks. You are just forward of the center of the ship, port (left) side. The mini-suites are really nice, have stayed in them a couple of times. The only complaint I have ever heard is if you are 6'-2"+ the bath/shower is a pain because you can hit you head. Never experienced this because My wife and I are 6' and <. The balcony is basically private to the sides but others can look down from directly above. Hard to design a ship to keep this from happening. The chairs/table are the standard white plastic. If you are new to Princess you don't get many extras. Have to sail a couple of times before you can receive some extra's.

    Go here if you want to see your/other level deck plans of your ship:


    Hope this helps....

  4. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Thank You for the info snowblower. May I ask where your from? I`m not tall so I won`t have to worry with the shower. Again Thank You.

  5. Teri,

    We have stayed in room D320 on the Grand Princess. It was wonderful. Very stable. Hardly know the ship is moving. We have also booked D320 on the CP for June 12. What day are you sailing.
  6. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Hi Janie...........Thank You for the info. We are sailing on September the 4th. Do know anything about the balconies.......lounge chairs or just table and chairs? Also do you know if they are private? Lots of questions I have but, we are new to Princess. Aprreciate any info. We decided to sail for our 5th anniversary even though we usually don`t celebrate the exact day........Sept 11th. We have decided to honor our day on the 9th. I have a few more ?`s .....hope u don`t mind. What is dinner on the balcony,,,,,,,I`ve seen people talk about it on here. They don`t really go in to detail just say dinner on the balcony. As far as the mini-suites.......are there any perks or is that only for suite quests?

  7. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    Truckee, California......
  8. Hi Teri....We were on the Grand in 2001. Totally loved our room. The balcony was partially covered (I think), we have 4 chairs, 1 table, and a small stool. The room has 2 TV's, a fridge, sitting area with sofa (converts to a pull out bed) and 2 chairs with a table. We didn't have dinner on the balcony. I don't know if it was offered then. We did have a full breakfast in our room one morning ( it was part of a package we ordered) and it was great! I think that dinner on the balcony is $50.00. We like going to the dining room.......we had great tablemates. I like the mini-suite because it has a full bath and the sitting area. This year we're on the Caribbean Princess and our 2 daughters will be staying across the hall, so we will still have our privacy. We leave on June 9 for a couple of days in Ft. Lauderdale before sailing. Can't hardly wait to go!!!!! Feel free to ask any other questions. Hope this helps.
  9. truckgal

    truckgal Guest

    Hi Teri -

    I know this is an old post - and I don't really have much to add - except that my husband's & my 5th anniversary is ALSO on September 11th of this year. We're cruising on the Golden Princess the week of 9/26 - a belated anniversary trip.

    I was very bummed about the horrible day our anniversary shares...until last year, my husband sent my roses on our anniversary - with a card that said "remember that before this day became an ugly day it was a very beautiful one. Happy Anniversary." My hubby's not the best at saying things like this, and it's undoubtedly the sweetest most romantic thing he's ever said/written to me. Now I'm ok with celebrating our anniversary on the day our wedding actually took place - maybe this will help you out as well? :)

    Happy Anniversary to you, and I hope you enjoy your cruise!!


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