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We are going on two cruises, one on the Norweigan Sky in November and one on the Dawn Princess in February. I can already book our tours for the first cruise, but have to wait until I get back before I can book the Dawn Princess because they only allow 60 days prior to sailing before we can book. Both cruises are taking us to Antigua, and on the Norweigan they have offered a "swim with the dolphins" tour whcih sounds great. The only thing is that I would rather do that tour in February. Do you know if Princess offers this tour too?


I can't find anything like that on Princess' recently updated excursion list. To find it yourself, go to Click on Plan Your Voyage. Select your sailing date and ship, then click Search. At the bottom right of the page that takes you to there's a button called "view itinerary"--click it! There will be a column called "Shorex" on the itinerary page - you can either click "view" under that column, or click the "Shore Excursions" tab near the top of the page. Both will take you to the excursions page and voila! You have the current list of excursions for your sailing!

You might want to investigate booking the swim with dolphins thing independently when you go in February - find out who NCL uses and then contact them directly :)


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Date: 10/2/02 8:29:08 AM
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I heard a little bird tell me that this used to be a sewage treatment facility? I can not confirm that though....maybe someone else will jump in and let us know.

Anyway, Eli is referring to my experience at a different dolphin swim program. I thought it would be the greatest thing...until I suffered 5 broken ribs from a renegade dolphin that was not even supposed to be in the pen we were in. He also shattered all the cartilege in my sternum. I still occassionally have complications. (It took an extra hour to get to sleep last night because of scar tissue under the rib cage.) My wife still has a hematomia on her leg about the size of your fist. And this in spite of the fact that the one year anniversary of the attack was this past Friday. I have no doubts that any children in our pen would have died from the attack.

I am not making this up--I have the XRays and medical bills to prove it.

Dolphins appear to be loveable and friendly. But remember, they are wild creatures. Not much different than stepping into a cage with "tamed" lions or into the center ring at the circus with an elephant. They are not tamed in the sense of your pet cat. Would you put your child into a fenced yard with a bunch of dogs you do not know? How about lions or elephants? This sounds extreme--but it is not as far fetched as you think...

I have plenty of co-workers who have done the dolphin thing at other locations (cancun, jamaica) and had a blast. However, my dolphin swim was not any fun at all. Just be aware of the dangers. It is not in the interest of the dolphin company to tell you how you might get hurt--and how long recovery may take. Do some real reasearch. You can even look up on the internet about dolphin attacks. There are a few groups--including one out of England-- that are starting to document these attacks. They are more common than you realize. Take a look on the internet about what a 450 pound animal swimming at full speed can do to your rib cage. Take it from one who knows personally---it can really cramp your life style for a while.

That said, I have never been to Dolphin Fantaseas. But from others that I have discussed the situation with--the place where my swim program was held was in a lot better condition, and had better dolphin training/facilities/pens/etc.

Because this reply tool on this newsgroup does not show the original article, I can not see Eli's suggested websites. But here are some more I have found. Please excuse any duplicates...
Dolphin attacks. (Score:1)
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Indeed, this is also true in South Africa. The top researcher of dolphin life in South Africa, Dr Peter West, admitted this recently. In fact, not only do dolphins kill more people in South Africa and Mozambique than sharks, but they are also the leading cause of death in Plettenberg Bay, one of the key dolphin areas in South Africa. So I unfortunately have to agree with thogard about the "cute dolphin" theory."dolphin+attacks"&hl=en,8816,109583,00.html