Dolphin Swim - Nassau



Has anyone done the Swim with the Dolphins at Nassau? I was thinking it would be worth the extra money to do this rather than just pet them. I am a little nervous though. Any input about this would be helpful.. I would book this on my own rather than go with RCI.
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Tim Medley

Friends of ours swam with the dolphins in Nassau, last spring in april. They were skeptical about spending the money, but thouroughly enjoyed it. The mother and the three kids did the excusrsion ( ages 4, 5 and 6). The kids had an absolute great time. The kids are home schooled and so they made a school lesson out of. the experience.

They booked the excurison through the cruise line, and if I remeber correctly, it was around $80 per person.

If it's something you are interested and can afford it, i'd say go for it.

We're heading to Nassau next week on a quick 4-day RCL cruise. I doubt we'll do the dolphin encounter, but if I talk to anyone who does, i'll relay their experiences.

Tim and Jori Medley
Charlotte, NC


I did it last year in the Keys. I didn't do it in Nassau. If you can do it go for it. It was just about the best experience of my life. I loved it so much I didn't want to get out of the water. I will definitely do it again. My daughter, 21, wanted to bring them home and put them in our pool (wish we could have). It is worth every penny and then some. I guarantee you'll love it. There was a little girl about 4 at the time and was too scared and wouldn't leave her mother in the water to even touch them. That was a big loss of money. We paid $125. for about 45 minutes, I think. Have fun :)


We did the Dolphin Swim on Paradise Island this past summer. We booked directly with the company, not the cruise line. NCL only offered the Dolphin Encounter, not the Swim. It was alot of fun, you must wear a lifefacket. If you go, take a taxi, not the water taxi. It'll take forever to get there!!
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We did the dolphin swim in Cozumel and absolutely loved it!!! Best thing we did on the whole trip. The encounter is only get to pet them. With the swim you get to be pushed and pulled through the water by them and it's soooo much fun. I highly reccommend it!!! We couldn't book the swim through RCL but booked directly through the company and it worked out great.