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Don't worry about formal attire

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by suemare3333, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    <sigh> Oy gevalt. This is one subject that ain't gonna end soon. When we get someone new again on this board, it's gonna all have to be argued again. I'm so tired of this topic, I'm even tired of reading what I just typed :lol
  2. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    OH KEN ,,,, spoken like a true New Yorker ( that has no country stations to listen too) :(

  3. ctmak

    ctmak Guest

    Not to beat a dead horse, but come on ....

    Whether we like it or not as part of our culture/society there ARE expectations. For those that advocate "dressing the way I want 'cause it's my vacation and I paid for it!" -- how many of you, after receiving a wedding invatation from let's say your boss saying "Black Tie Optional" would attend in jeans and a Tommy Bahama shirt? Do you ignore the signs and go to the supermarket without shoes or without wearing a shirt because after all it's hot outside and "I'm the customer."? How would you feel if your daughter's prom date showed up in shorts and flip=flops because it's his prom too and he's really not into tuxedos?

    After all, ya got to wear pants and a shirt already. But a measly tie and jacket -- the simple act of that additional step -- tends to make the night a bit more special ... and that's what Carnival is trying to achieve. It's not a big deal, but it IS an expectation. I just don't understand the issue, especially since you have an alternative dinning choice.

    But if you just don't get it, then be my guest. Wear whatever you want. Have a ball. It won't ruin my vacation. I just wonder what you are going to wear to your child's wedding? That's just an expectation as well.

  4. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Melissa, maybe that's why I'm disgruntled.. I HAVE NO COUNTRY MUSIC TO LISTEN TOO!!! Heck I'd even wear a darn tux to hear it!!! I by golly gee, I might even like it!!!!! :lol
  5. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    You put it very well. Thank you. Personally I like to dress up and my hubby doesn't mind at all. He doesn't wear a tux, but he does "clean up really well" with his suit and tie. And, it does make it seem much more of an "occassion" to do this.
    We have some very good friends that we have cruised with in the past who have a tux (for him) and a lovely beaded dress (for her). They got these just for cruising. It is something they never get to do at home, so this is a big part of their "cruise experience".
    It is still up to the individuals, but it shouldn't be looked upon as torture or the like. If you are not a "dressy" person,,,,don't do it, but it could be very enjoyable for you.
    "Try it! You might like it!"
  6. Popdog

    Popdog Guest

    So when do we decide enough is enough and which standards set we will follow? It's my vacation and if I want to go to dinner in the dining room in my bathing suit and bare chested is that OK too?
    I see people get upset about rules not being followed by others but when it comes to them it's OK.
    I love to cruise, I love to get all decked out in a Tux, I love to enjoy myself doing what I like to do within the standards set.
    Simply put, if someone is sitting at my table dressed inappropriately, I will ask him/her why. If it is an unacceptable response, I will explain to them why I have asked to be moved to another table.
  7. ctmak

    ctmak Guest

    Mama and Dog:

    I agree. People make it sound like putting on a tie and a nice shirt is like being drawn and quartered. Not a big deal.

    For what it's worth, on non formal nights I really don;t have a problem with jeans in the dinning room. While I wouldn't wear them it seems to me clean, well-pressed jeans and a collared shirt is fine in the dining room. My opinion. However, dirty, baggy, cargo-style jeans with the frayed bottoms from rubbing against the ground and a strecthed-out T-shirt I would have a problem with. Just as I would have a problem with a pair of worn-for-3-days khakis with paint on them and oil stains.

    It's really not that hard.

    My view: On formal nights if you want to wear a tuxedo, great! If you want to wear a suit, terrific! If you want to wear a blazer and some gray slacks, fine!. If not, go to the Lido deck and eat at the buffet. Pretty simple, in my mind.

  8. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Here's something ROSS posted on the RCCL link with a similar topic responding to Ken. It goes to EXACTLY what this thread is talking about. I thought it was pretty interesting. Somewhat lengthy but worth the read.



    I have just done a survey on another board and found that ( of Celebrity cruisers...very close to RCI) more than 75% of the pax like to dress up and an additional 15% do not particularly like it but will do it to follow the dress code...and a certain % of these will grow to like it (25 - 30%).

    The bottom line is that more than 90% of the cruising public (In this case...CELEBRITY) want to dress up. The survey also showed that the 90% feel that proper dress improves the social and behavioral atmosphere. It appears that the RCI affectionados are not far behind these Celebrity numbers.

    Some of us were stunned as we are used to hearing from the pax who do not want to dress up. We came to the conclusion that the "non-dressers" are a vocal minority who give the impression that most pax don't care about dressing and following the dress code. This is not the case but, rather, the opposite...Most pax (90.66%) want to dress up and follow the dress code and appreciate the refined atmosphere.

    So Ken...in response to your question: I think that non-dressers are a lot more vocal and argumentative on this subject...even though they are in the bottom 10% vs. the 90% who definately approve of the dress code and follow it. It could, very well be, that the 10% have discovered RCI/CELELBRITY and really like it except for the dress code and that they are trying to change the culture...which is not going to happen in the immediate future with more than 90% adhering to the traditional.

  9. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    I've been around all the boards on this topic as a reading and for what it's worth..and probably not too much..Here I go..I've been on 4 Princess cruises in the last 10 years..the first 3 were 7 day ones.the last one was 10 days...On every single cruise..the first night is casual..and it never failed..all of our table mates asked..what kind of "formal attire are YOU wearing tomorrow night?"we had a table of 4 to a table of 10 and every single time..men were in dark suits, or tuxes, women were in chi chi gowns or cocktail dresses..we all blended..so we have always had a predominance of people adhering to Princess's dress codes as listed in their brocures..and it has been wonderful..I have only seen one man in very nice jeans,bolo tie, and dressy western style shirt as a nod to the conventions..now I have seen a ton of Plain dresses, and severly plain shirt ,tie, and dress slacks..which is OK by me..I was really cranky on formal night on this last 10 day cruise to see a gatecrasher in shorts,flip flops and t-shirt ..thinking he'd get in ..WRONG!!..the Maitre'D politly informed him he was not as Princess requested for entry on Formal night in the Dining Room and advised to eat at a different venue..NOt happily so but he left.. so here is were I found an interesting side issue..a group of 4 ladies I saw at the after dinner piano bar as an aside stated they were extremly upset as they had not been informed as to HOW DRESSY PRINCESS IS on Formal night..their ages about 45 -70...so they felt ill at ease and were steamed to feel so lacking....But I have 4 daughters in their early 20's ...all professionals, and asked them where they fell..they all wanted to be able to dress up and enjoy the superior Dining experience of being on a ship..their attitude is as mine..when we go to very expensive exclusive restaurants to dine we adhere to the required dress standards, so to belittle our sailings on Formal night is not what we would do..If we ever do have a couple join us in extreme down home casual..unless their luggage is not on ship..we would either elect to change tables or ask them too..while they are on" their vacation" , and may choose how they dine, I will not elect to have my special moments I have paid for and worked so hard for denied.In as much we are on a huge Group cruise with the MOS@IC Mariner group cruise...I was very happy to note in the poll that so many of us were like minded in how we wanted to dine on Formal night..I do not feel it is an age issue as Melissa did..I feel it is how ones attitude as a person,upbringing,comfort zone in being in Formal attire,First or Second sitting, and the CRUISE LINE you sail, length of sailing and cost,and whether you have children or not at your sitting..while many do have their children in fancy attire,many elect not too..as has been said it is your vacation and you can do as you please...But I will still choose what I want for my expectations to be met, and will not decrease my enjoyment of such special occasions by having to settle for anothers choice..to each their own and that's why we are so very meticulous with our bookings on the cruise line we choose..happy sailing all..:daisy..Joanne
  10. Perhaps 'Formal Attire Debate' should be an Olympic sport...............................

    Although we all seem to have differing opinions on the subject of what "formal" is, the cruise lines are the ones in charge of enforcing it. Nobody else is.

    Our opinions as passengers really don't matter at all.

    On Carnival, you will be allowed to enter the dining foom in nice pants and a collared shirt (as we have seen) but you will not be allowed to participate in shorts or a swimsuit.

    So it is very simple, the source of the problem is the cruise line, not the passengers.
    If they did not allow it, it would not happen.

    For the record, we DO dress for formal night but do not really care about what others do.

    Let the games continue! :)
  11. gram

    gram Guest

    When I first started to cruise several years ago at first I had negative feelings about dressing up. First of all I didn't have any dressed up clothes. But once I bought myself a new dress and got all gussie up and with my dh looking handsome in his suit I really enjoyed being formal. Maybe it is because I am 60 years old never went to a prom or ever had a chance to wear a beautiful dress before. On formal night on the ships being dressed makes me feel so special. In fact, my dh is getting a tuxedo for one night and a white dinner jacket for the second formal night which surprised me. I think he finally is getting into cruising (but won't admit it).

    We all have rules and policies we have to follow through life. If everyone had the mentality of people who say it is their vacation and can do what they want can you imagine the chaos there would be on the ships everyone doing what ever they wanted.

    There are options for dining. If you don't care to dress up on formal night that is fine that is your choice. But do so at the appropriate restaurants. Respect the people who do follow the rules and policies.

    Cruise Cutie we will be on the Mosaic with you. So far there seems to be a trend for everyone to get dressed up. I think how wonderful our group will look.
  12. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    I loved getting dressed up in my gown and dear hubby in a tux.... it was great and i enjoyed it, the guests we were traveling with are very close friends of ours, and were not dressed to the nines, infact my friends husband was in navy blue khakis and a button down on our grand princess cruise, i didnt even really notice, nor did i care , the point im trying to make is that clothes dont make the person, if Christi Brinkley walked into the dining room in Jeans and tshirt, im sure that no one would care. Personally and Im sorry to say this but i think its really mean , and sad that you would change tables just because someone else is wearing less than what you think they should, and i think thats its kinda shallow, and im sorry i have never said a mean thing about anyone on this board but i am really almost to tears that this kind of behavior really happens. And as for cruise cutie saying its not an age thing, think about how many times you have been in the mall, and seen the little girls in the hiney revealing shorts and midrif tops, its inappropriate.

    Im very very sorry if i offended anyone, but when i go on vacation, to be honest i dont notice anyone else but my handsome DH and the islands... and thats all that matters to me. We met very nice people on board many from this board on our last cruise, and we did get dressed up to the nines, but we didnt laugh or move away or let anyone else who wasnt dressed "appropriately" be taken into consideration...

    More over and im sorry this is long winded, im sick of hearing if you dont like it eat at the buffet, not everyone needs to put on a tux or a dress to feel classy, while i do agree that shorts and tank tops on formal night is entirely inappropriate, i dont feel that we have any right to judge them for it. Everyone is entitled to do as he or she pleases on vacation, as long as it doesnt harm anyone else, and if someones clothes offend you that badly to the point that it will ruin your special moments, then i feel very sorry for you... Most people cant afford to go on vaca like most of us do here on the boards, and we should be thankful and greatful that we can. Take comfort in the fact that you are able to go away and put on your fancy dress, and your tux and eat your lobster dinners. Never judge a book by its cover....

    You may have a multi millionaire sitting next to you in jeans and a button down , becuase he simply just doesnt want to put on a nother suit and tie while on vacation, its as simple as did you book an inside or a balcony... should all the people that booked insides be left to onky eat at the buffet?? Its absurd, and I hope that everyone goes on their cruise not worrying about what anyone else thinks, wears what they want, and has a great time, and just lives life to the fullest.
  13. mlzangel78

    I've have read your post several times trying to find something to disagree about but to no avail.
    Well said!

    I only wish that we could have the pleasure of cruising with you on the Triumph next year but it looks like we'll be a couple weeks behind you....................... :(

    Anyone that wishes to change tables because we are not dressed according to their standards may certainly do so and they do not need to explain to me anything.

    In fact I will be more than happy to assist them in their move!

    Why can't we all just get along???????????????????? ;)

    (nahhh, what fun would that be)
  14. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Oh, I think we all get along just fine =) folks just have differing opinions.

    On Explorer O/S a while back Susan and I were tablemates with Yolanda and Spike...yes "SPIKE" from Atlanta. Spike was in the gravel business in ATL and on formal night he came in a nice suit and tie but you could tell he was not comfortable. By the time salad was done, Spike's jacket was off and draped over the back of his chair. By the end of main course the tie was gone too. I had to smile in spite of myself at the noble attempt he had made at "conforming".

    Yes I am one who likes to dress up for dinner, but poor Spike just wasn't a "suit and tie kind of guy" but he was lots of fun to hang out with nonetheless.

    In 13 voyages I have seen many things with my tablemates, On Infinity last year there was an older Japanese couple. She in Gesha attire,,white make up, kimono, the whole deal. Her hubby in a Japanese Imperial Naval officer's uniform (circa ww 2) but not wearing rank. How elegant they were. My friend Dave wears his Bronze Star, Air Force Cross and three Purple Hearts with his tux. Better than letting those medals collect dust in a box. Someone once thought he was Captain of the ship! I've seen others in the same room in dockers and a polo shirt. Made no difference to me. However, I have never seen anyone dressed inappropriately at dinner.

    IMHO... I have seen people drunk and misbehaving at dinner and that is more unsettleing to me than the way people dress.

    Happy Cruising,

  15. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    I really hate putting on a tie,but I understand the dress code. It is part of the program.

    As to those that say it is your vacation, you paid for it, etc.etc.

    Why not let people come naked? In thongs? Smoking cigars, chewing tobacco? Unbathed and stinky? Loud and playing a boom box? No shoes?

    It really is the same thing folks. You have to set the standard. Carnival puts in the information. If you do not like, do not cruise.
  16. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    thank you jeff and susana , i appreciate those words, its nice to see that some people are still just happy living life :)
  17. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    jeff and susana that cruise date on the triumph is not definite when r u going??
  18. mlzangel78

    2/12/05 will be our 4th cruise, 2nd with Carnival, this time on the Triumph.
  19. seauonboard

    seauonboard Guest

    On our last cruise the people seated at a table - a group of 7 - didn't do much research - just thought a cruise sounded fun - so they didn't even know there were formal nights. The evening before the first formal night the waiter was commenting about formal night. The next evening - formal night - none of them came to dinner. I ran into them later and they said that they didn't bring any fancy clothes. I told them not to miss second formal night and to wear the best thing they brought. They were glad they did.
  20. marleejean

    marleejean Guest

    For those cruisers that don't want to adhere to Carnival's rules for formal nights.......spend your money on one of those "free style" cruises where you eat your dinners in shorts and t-shirts.......or maybe no t-shirt at all......whatever. I love the ambiance I feel on "formal" nights on our cruises....maybe I've watched The Titanic too many times, but I think It's wonderful to get all gussied up on our cruises. (There's Got To Be A Morning After)............................................. :grin

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