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Don't worry about formal attire

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by suemare3333, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    And now back to you Melissa for this evenings weatherforecast.........oops..wait....now a word from our sponsors...
  2. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Ken did you not know that the last post from Marlejeen would aggrivate me to no end..... DONT ever tell anyone how to spend their money, if its not your money than it is none of your business how they spend it .

    We are not god we were not put here to judge anyone else, and if anyone ever told me where to spend my money I would be furious, I will wear whatever I feel is dressy wether you may think it is or not. I wore a gown on my last cruise, and the cruise before that I wore black pants and nicer top, nothing fancy, but I felt good and my clothes dont MAKE me classy, that comes from within, i could put on a white tshirt and jeans, and still feel classy, so again to those of who who think that the clothes make the person , they dont, and if you come into the dining room on formal night in jeans and a t shirt, i wil not ask you to move ill be the first one to pull out the chair next to mine and ask you to have a seat because id rather have dinner with someone who is self confident than a person who is concerned with how they look, and how i look next to them :)

    That being said, Ken :the forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of showers 82 degrees :)
  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I'm totally confused about your last post Melissa, but that ok!

    wow! three pages of this stuff. I know....nude cruises!! Nitey nite, topic. :lol
  4. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Four bottles of wine at your table? Wouldn't care what you wear either if I were having some of that wine.

  5. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    AMEN to that :)

    Well with me anyway since i am not a big drinker its more like 4 sips of wine LOL :)
  6. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    And this is why I avoid Carnival.
  7. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Lisa it could be on any line it doesnt just have to be carnival , i have seen this on princess as well, as my above posts state.
  8. seauonboard

    seauonboard Guest

    Lisa - Have you ever cruised on Carnival?
  9. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    I do not sail Carnival due to the overall guest list, I did once and could not get past the overflowing hot tubs, double handed beers, and bending my body to avoid children. Yes this cruise line does well for many, but not me.

    However, I must say that even on the lines I do use I have a MAJOR problem with attire.

    If one pays a fare, no matter the price, they should be entitled to thier vacation. In these days of more and more ships, larger and larger vessels, and MAJOR marketing, things should change.

    Not that all Carnival ships have "premium dining" venues, some do. Most other lines do. It is my opinion that if people want to "dress up" they plan to at these other dining rooms that are provided on ships for such. Yes, it costs $, but if you are going to act like high class, spend high class.

    We tend to book suite accomodations on all our trips (just so you know I am not cheap). My partner (33)likes to dress up so I (30) go along now and then. You must understand that I look and feel rather like a child in dads clothes, and am very uncomfortable.

    On the nights that I do not wish to do so we have our meals sent to the room and enjoy them on balcony. I hate that. I hate it because I do not wish to feel that if I do not want to play dress up, I am sequestered, or eat less than desired food in the buffet for dinner.

    If people wish to have an upscale experience one or two nghts on their cruise then they should pay for it, as you would on land. You have purchsed a cruise that includes much more than you would get on a land based vacation....would you complain if you wanted to dress up for dinner and went to Country Buffet if others were not dressed the same? Because that is what it sounds like.

    Carnival is cheap vacation, treat it as such.

    I have a bigger hurdle on the lines we travel on. But they all have "alternative" dining venues, and I seriously think lines must make this distinction soon. It would make them more money if they cancelled out the "Formal" nights all together, and made the "alternative" dining "formal.

    THen I think we would all be happy....as long as Lobster was still in the main dining room?!
  10. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    seauonboard - yes I have been on Carnival TWICE - 11 years apart (Fantasy and Legend). Some improvements have been made, but still not my real cup of tea, so to speak.

    On my Celebrity and Princess cruises there is SOME of this going on, but nowhere near as much as on Carnival. Period. Maybe it has something to do with the design of the ships.....I mean, booths and bright lighting are not really condusive for formal and semi-formal dress (have you ever tried getting into a booth and sliding over without getting your dress in a twisted knot?)

    lamaboy - people like me have paid for the experience of the formal main dining room.....and the dress codes are directed to that venue. Why should I pay more to get what I already paid for? My idea for getting around this is to make the menu served in the main dining room available at the buffet also (along with other alternatives)....therefore those who don't want to conform to the dress codes can still get the same meal but in a casual setting....leaving those of us who do want a more formal setting the main dining room where we can enjoy our meal in the setting it was meant to be in. Do you really think it is ok to go to a gorgeous, elegant dining room in clothes not recommended by the ship? Would you do that at home? If a restaurant required a tie, would you expect to be admitted to it if you did not wear one? Would you wear jeans or dockers to a 3 or 4 star restaurant? Would you show up in dockers to a formal wedding?

    It is a matter of respect for your fellow cruisers - and the cruise line and tradition. It works both ways.
  11. B&R

    B&R Guest

    I am a little confused about the references to Carnival and dress code for formal night. Last week we dressed for the formal night and had a wonderful time. (With 5 kids we don't get much opportunity to get fancy)
    The other family at our table thought they weren't allowed to eat in the dining room because the husband forgot his dinner jacket. He had lots of nice shirts and dress pants but assummed he would not allowed at dinner. I asked our server who told me they were more than welcome to join us for dinner, no problem. These were wonderful people and my husband & I enjoyed their company over the cruise. Why would we care how fancy their clothes were?

    Sorry, I just don't get it

  12. seauonboard

    seauonboard Guest

    Lisa - I'm glad to see that you have actually sailed Carnival. There have been a lot of people who actually haven't cruised a line but will say not so positive things about it - just because that's what they have heard - instead of what they have actually experienced. SO - that being said - thank you for your comment.

    I also know what you are saying about cup of tea. Many people like RCL - I have sailed with them once and personnally it's not "my cup of tea". Nothing really wrong with it. I did sail on one of their older/smaller ships (Rhapsody of the Seas). I've been told not to compare all of RCL ships to that one - but I find it hard to get myself to put up the money to try on of the larger/newer chips when I didn't have that great of a time the first time. That being said - I know that if I told you the same thing - try the newer/bigger Carnival ships - you would probablly have those same reservations.

    I think there are enough "different" cruise lines around giving "different" experiences to the people they serve - that everyone is entitled to their opinion - as long as they themselves have experiened it. So enjoy your cruises on Celebrity and Princess and I'll enjoy mine on Carnival.
  13. marleejean

    marleejean Guest

    Could someone please tell me why "Missy" didn't appreciate my comments and singled me out here??? Seems a lot of other posters said the same thing I feel. And yes, Missy, I have gone to formal night in black slacks and a dressy top too......adhering to my "host" specifications.
  14. Politics, religion, formal attire................................................








  15. marleejean

    marleejean Guest

    Agree Jeff........ :grin
  16. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest


    Didnt mean to single you out, I just dont like when people tell others how they should spend their money. I just think everyone can enjoy their vacation, without being so contrite as to what people are wearing, its just plain silly. I said it before and Ill say it again, what you wear to formal night has absolutely no impact on the taste of my lobster, and as long as your not picking your nose at the dinner table, i dont care what you wear, I like people for who they are, not what they weat or how they look next to me. I guess i was just brought up to not judge a book by its cover, and to give every one a fair chance no matter how one looks. I can just hear my gramma singing now " Jesus loves all the little children of the world" that was not meant to be a religous thing as my mother is christian and dad is jewish, so please please please dont anyone think any thing other wise. I was just taught to know that every one is different, and thats ok :)
  17. marleejean

    marleejean Guest

    I was not trying to tell people how to spend their $$.......I was implying that if a person can't adhere to a certain cruise ship's rules about dress for formal nights, maybe they would be better on a cruiseline that doesn't have "rules" for dress. I could care less if the person next to me has their "formal" attire on....I will still enjoy the ambiance of dressing up for formal nights....amongst all passengers. "I've Got Friends In Low Places" (Garth Brooks) and love em. Have a great Labor Day week-end.
  18. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    AHHH another country fan, dont let ken 2001 catch that he'll be sad... no country stations in NYC...

    I as well love to dress up, i am just so sad that people are so trivial sometimes, like jeff and susana posted under me, they will help the people move, if its their perogative...

    Taken Directly from Carnival:
    Is there a dress code for the dining room?

    Depending on the length of the cruise, either formal dress or casual resort wear is required in the Dining Room. The dress requirement for children is the same. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido restaurants are open nightly (with the exception of the last evening of the cruise), and have a casual dress code. Formal Wear: tuxedo (optional); suit and tie; sport coat, tie and slacks; evening gown; cocktail dress; pantsuit
    Casual Resort Wear: sport shirts and slacks; dresses; skirts; pantsuit NOTE: Shorts, t-shirts and bathing attire are not permitted in the Dining Room during dinner.

    These are examples of what they consider formal wear, and I agree with their examples. However, if you see what is not permitted in the dining room, you know as well as i do that there are a few who come in in shorts. If CARNIVAL allows them in the dining room , and notice i did state carnival... then NO One else should have any thing to say about it. Its carnivals dining room , and since it is THEIR rules, then if they choose not to enforce them, it is not up to anyone else to question why....

    Do i think that they should offer the same food on the LIDO as they do in the dining room on formal night, yes i do , but thats JMHO.

    I am starving just thinking about formal night :)
  19. ctmak

    ctmak Guest


    I read your post twice. And though I am not quite sure I understand your point, I think I'm offended by your arrogance and attitude and I could not disagree with you more.

    Some of your words: "Carnival is a cheap vacation, treat is as such;" "If people wish to have an upscale experience one or two nights, they should pay for it."

    On Carnival people ARE paying for an upscale dining experience ... it's just that with CC it is included in the price. The only caveat is that as part of the experience the guidelines suggest certain, more elegant attire on 1 or 2 "formal nights". That some people choose to ignore the guidelines is what this thread is all about.

    But to suggest that because the Carnival experience is priced in the hundreds rather than thousands people are not worthy of enjoying a more elegant venue for an evening or two because, "they are not paying for it" is, frankly, incredibly snobbish -- in my humble opinion. And the "Carnival is a cheap ...." line is, well, I guess it says it all about your 'tude.

    Please note that it was hard for me to type this because of the beers in both my hands.

    If I missed your point, then I apologize.


    Carnival Inspiration - '03
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  20. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    I would like to add to CTMAK's post to the fact that "carnival is a cheap vaction"

    I paid 699.00 per person on a balcony cabin for the triumph, and $ 679.00 per person on the grand princess in the same year.... 1 month apart

    I dont feel by any comaprison that either was a cheap vacation, nor did i feel that it was exspensive... but both lines were the same price for the same cabin, furthermore i found to be honest much more partying going on on the grand princess than we found on carnival,,, i went on carnival hoping that it would be the fun ship and found it much more subdued that i had imagined... on the grand however, we were up till all hours of the night having no pun intended " a grand ol' time"

    However I also agree with Lamaboy , that you should not be sequestered from good food simply because you do not feel like dressing up. you should have the same white glove service and dining expirience as everyone who did dress up.

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